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Crystal and Chaz :: Engaged :: Whimsical Winter Engagement Photos

March 1, 2017

rustic NJ engagement

Whimsical Winter Engagement Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography

What do you do when it’s cold outside and the sun is setting? Take photos -of course! Crystal and Chaz chose an adorable rustic spot in New Jersey for their whimsical winter engagement photos. When Crystal reached out to me about being her wedding photographer, we instantly connected. Crystal is an absolute sweetheart and I can totally see why Chaz is such a lucky man! Despite the frigid weather that day, we got some really amazing images. Oh, did I mention her dad made their save the date sign? Aww!


From the bride….

Since our wedding will be early Fall 2017, and most likely warm weather, we opted for our engagement session to be in December – really the opposite weather-wise of what we anticipate our wedding day temperatures to be.  While we didn’t get the winter wonderland we wanted, we did get the coldest day of the year.  I knew I wanted warm cozy outfits with cute winter hats, gloves and scarves which ended being perfect for the near freezing temperatures we experienced.  While I really liked the casual outfit, I also wanted a more formal look as well.  I looked around for the right dress to wear but I was not having any luck.  I was noodling around on Etsy and found this amazing full maxi skirt – and knew it fit the “look” I was envisioning.  My only dilemma now was what color to choose!  I have to say “Ananya” was great – she sent me sample fabric swatches so I could physically see all the color options she had.  Ultimately I went with a black, white, gray color scheme for both of us.  It was simple yet classic – perfect for the two of us.

rustic NJ engagement, black and gray engagement outfits

Q: How did you two meet?

 Over six years ago Chaz and I were set-up on a blind date.  Chaz and my identical twin sister both worked at Hamilton Farm Golf Club – though, at the time, they did not know it.  At an LPGA event the course was holding, Chaz was able to meet my sister.  He found her to be very nice and pretty but quickly realized she was married.  However, little did he know, she had a twin sister!  My twin and a mutual co-worker/friend of the two did some “match-making” and before I knew it I was set-up on a blind date – June 16, 2010.  We’ve been together since!

Q: What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in your life-after-marriage together?
A:  Starting a family and continuing family traditions!

rustic NJ engagement, black and gray engagement outfits

winter engagement photo ideas

Q: What do you both enjoy doing together with your free time?

A:  We both love to do things – we are definitely not home bodies.  We enjoy going out and being with friends and family.  Whether that’s tailgating for football games, hanging with friends, visiting family or even trying new restaurants – we like to get out, try new things and enjoy the day!

winter engagement session in New Jersey

Q: How did he pop the question?

A:  Going back to how we met… Since this was a blind date I was very nervous about him coming to my house and picking me up – especially since I lived alone.  I really just wanted to meet him out so if it didn’t work out, he wouldn’t know where I lived.  But he very nicely insisted on picking me up and I reluctantly said okay.  Almost to the day, six years later my doorbell rang.  I opened the door only to see Chaz standing there.  He said “six years ago you opened this door and changed my life forever, now I want to change yours forever…will you marry me?” And there he was down on one knee on my front stoop, literally in the same exact spots where we had first met.  Though it was simple it was genuine, thoughtful and absolutely perfect.

historic walnford park

Q:  If you could vacation right now, anywhere in the world together – where would it be?

A:  We both would say the same thing…it is a toss-up between going out west to go hiking and doing outdoor adventures; or going to a luxurious remote island where we could decompress, sit in the sun and read books with not a worry in the world.

Q:  What are you most excited about for your wedding? (Dances, speeches, vows, party etc)

A:  I am probably most excited about the “first look” experience.  I can’t wait to see Chaz’s expression when he sees me for the first time in my wedding dress!  Chaz would probably say the food – or better yet the desert.  (The key to his heart is with good food)  But, for the both of us, we are really looking forward to the reception in general.  It’s going to be an amazing feeling to see both our families and all of our friends coming together, interacting, having a great time and celebrating “us.”

historic walnford park, whimsical winter engagement photos

Q: What’s one thing that drew you to your significant other?
A:  We both have pretty good sense of humors and can definitely be witty at times.  With a look of the eye or one word we can make each other laugh on demand.  🙂

historic walnford park, whimsical winter engagement photos historic walnford park, whimsical winter engagement photos

historic walnford park, whimsical winter engagement photos engagement session outfit ideas save the date ideas