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I’m in love! Well, we already new that, since I have my hubby, Rob! But, I’ve found another love for paper and when you’re a photographer – we all know how hard it is to find that perfect paper that enhancing our imagery and is silky smooth to the touch – right? Well, Miller’s offers Signature […]

You can enter for yourself or a friend to win their luxury wedding photographer absolutely FREE! It’s a little known fact that every year I do a wedding probono or at cost for a friend or a friend of a friend. Well, in 2016 that slot didn’t get automatically filled by a friend of mine […]

  • Isadora Castro

    Our history has been traced to work. We met in 2006 , but even a liking other nothing happened. In 2012 Gustav had just returned from Australia, and unintentionally , was invited by friends to go to a birthday party, and it was mine. From that day , we never fail to tell us not one day. We built our family even before the wedding , as we have Arthur , my biological son and son’s heart Gustavo , we drop everything and follow our hearts together even against many , who now understand how our love was strong . Gustavo is the man of my life , and I realized this when I was sick, and he left everything to take care of me, and cares even today. Since we decided to get married, you are the person number 1 on my list, because from the day of the course in Sydney , I was passionate about her work . It will be a dream never to be forgotten, have you in our happy day.ReplyCancel

  • Shannon Nakamoto

    My fiancé and I are best friends and polar opposites. I went to grad school and became a lawyer, he hated school and wanted to be a chef. Now I work for a lovely firm in LA and he owns his own Italian restaurant. We work hard for what we have and are a team in all things. He makes me smile like no one ever has before. Now I’m going to join his amazing, huge, Italian family. We are getting married June 3, 2017 in Fullerton, CA. Bride: Shannon Nakamoto and Groom: Giuseppe Mancuso. Our wedding is sure to be big and FUN!ReplyCancel

  • Holly Söderman

    Getting married March 11 2017 in Cabo!!! The wedding is going to be on a beautiful mountain top terrace at Sandos Finisterra Resort! Going to have a large group traveling from all over to celebrate with us! We are a couple country bumpkins from a small town in northern ontario, met 5 years ago and are finally tieing the knot! Kyler and HollyReplyCancel

  • Gustavo Domingues

    The wedding’s gonna be in 2017 in BRAZIL and I know Vanessa loves it. lol
    The idea is to get married on a small farm in Curitiba (our city) with family and some close friends. Simple cerimony outside, a band and lots and lots of good food. It’s gonna be all about the simplicity of the details.

    For me, our story is kinda different than others’. We have some mutual friends and for a while we were at the same time in the same place without even knowing about each other. In 2012 I came back from 2 years living in Australia and just wanted to party so one day I got invited to this birthday party and I didn’t even know who the birthday girls was but it was fine, it was a party. So I got there and realized it was her and we actually had met before. So we started talking and started liking each other.

    Now we’ve been together for 3 years and this promo was in the perfect timing for us.
    Looking forward for the results! =DReplyCancel

  • Faye Yan

    My sister and her fiance Jackson met when they were kids – about 10 years old. Fast forward 5 years they both liked each other but never confessed to one another since they valued their friendship. After a year in college, Jackson pursued Jayne when he realized that no one fit into his life like Jayne did. Afree 2.5 years of long distance (he’s in atlanta, she’s in Boston area), he proposed during Christmas break in Phoenix . They are happily getting married in Sellersville, PA on a charming campground for a sunrise wedding on Saturday, June 4th 2016(6:30am!!!). Start your morning with the ceremony finished with coffee and brunch! Why did they choose sunrise you ask? Because they want to start their beginnings together and they celebrated every anniversary with a sunrise.
    I hope you get to experience this amazing union!
    Email me at sanxibebe@gmail.com.

    – Faye, sister and MOH

    P.s. their website is jacksonandjayne.comReplyCancel

  • Taylor Gomez

    My fiancé Charlie Sabba and I will be getting married on September 9, 2017. We have been together since our junior year of high school, March of 2008. We have known eachother since our middle school days. It’s so amazing to know that a man can love you through so much growing up and amazing milestones together. When we get married at allaire chapel in Monmouth county nj, it will be a few months shy of TEN years together. We love everything rustic and country. We will be having our reception outdoors with long farm tables and fresh wild flowers. And did I mention, we will be having a southern style brunch for dinner! Biscuits, waffles Mac and cheese, all of the classic delicious comfort food. We felt that vibe really describes us as a couple, very laid back and not too serious. For our proposal, Charlie surprised me with a trip to Nashville this past September for my 25th birthday. We had an amazing road trip to see my ultimate favorite Taylor swift! Little did I know at the photo booth before the concert, he got down on one knee and popped the question in front of hundreds of people cheering and clapping! Then it was later retweeted by Taylor nation itself! It was the perfect moment in our favorite city. My favorite part of this whole experience is getting to be able to read our hand written vows, in front of everyone we know and love. A ten year journey of high school sweethearts who went to prom together, to adults. I cannot wait for that beautiful day and I would love for your artistic eye to capture it for us! Thank you! xo TaylorReplyCancel

  • Reba Turner

    My fiancé and I grew up in the same town but our paths never crossed. Before my senior year in college, we met, had a great summer together, and decided to go for the whole long distance thing when I went back to school. It turns out it was incredibly easy for us due to our amazing chemistry, near or far. After I graduated, I moved back home and moved in with him. Fast forward two years and we’re on our second trip to Mexico together. I had had a feeling that a proposal was coming soon, but right before we left we were in the works of putting an offer in on our first home and I figured all of our money and focus would be going into that. Once we were there, we had a few days of not so great weather and he seemed so frustrated by it all. Of course I would have rather had perfect sunny weather but was sure we could make the best of it, I just didn’t know why he was letting it get to him so much.. On the fourth day of the vacation, we had returned to the resort after doing a few amazing dives. He said we should get dressed up and walk down to this point way down the beach that we had found earlier in the week. He said we should just get the fancy photos out of the way so we didn’t have to worry about them later. Little did I know that he was setting up what I’d always asked him to do for the engagement, finding a way to document it. So we go my down there, set up the GoPro and took a few shots and then he suddenly gave a sweet, short spiel, got down on one knee, and asked me to go on adventures with him for the rest of our lives. I obviously said yes and the excitement had yet to settle! We are planning on getting married on a piece of property here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia that belongs to my family and that he and I often use to explore, go boating, fishing, etc. It has beautiful waterfront views and so many incredible spots that we hope to be able to utilize for our day. We plan to get married right by the water and I’m hoping that the reception can be in a little opening amongst the trees and if things turn out how I’m envisioning, it’ll be so magical and fairy-tale-esque. I’m hoping that our photographer will be able to suit the style we’re looking for, keep us relaxed and comfortable, and really just capture what will be an amazing day. If this could be you, that would be incredible! Your style seems to be exactly what we’re looking for and it would be an honor to work with you.ReplyCancel

  • Yuri Blen

    Hello, Our wedding is on Saturday 4/8/17 at Sunset Cove in Miami, Fl. It is a beautiful waterfront tropical garden with unobsrtucted views of the Miami skyline. We met 9 years ago today and have been insepreable ever since. We first met through Myspace then met in person while he was visiting Miami from New York. After a year of dating long distance I decided to move to New York and live with him. I was a single mom when I met him and my daughter adores him. He has proven to be the man for me over and over especially 2 and half eyars ago when my mom passed away in a car accident. She was killed by a drunk driver while waiting at a red light in her car in Miami. Since then I had to adopt my little brother and sister and they have been living in Connecticut with us now. It’s really hard but with his support I feel I can hadle all that comes our way. I hope this gives you some insight on our wedding, feel free to ask any question. :) <3

  • Ester Hovhannisyan

    Hi. This is such an amazing opportunity and although I am phisicly too far I would like to tell you my story. I am from a little country Armenia and my wedding is going to be on 16th july 2016. I am 21 years old and I will never have thought that I would be getting merried at this age. I still think me and my future husband ( who is 22) are too young for this but when you find the one you don’t look at age or other things you just want to be with that person. I met my fience back in 2010 and at that time we were just friends. We weren’t even close as we didn’t have much to talk about. And as time passed we grew up and in 2014 when our paths crossed again something changed and we started dating. It was so scary as it was the firs time for me that I was liking someone as we were passing more and more time together. He is all I dreamed about. In this short time he became my best friend, my family and my anker. What else a girl needs from her husband to be? My story is pritty ordinary as a lot of love stories start like mine, but for me it is my own fairytale. I have the one thing girls my age can’t even find and I am determined to keep it that way.
    I just wanted to share my story and tell you how amazing I think you are. I am a starting photographer myself and i get so inspired by your work. So thank you very much for everything you do.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Cohen

    I would like to vote for Taylor Gomez and Charlie Sabba. Their wedding date is 9/9/17. These 2 people deserve to win you as their photographer. They are high schoold sweethearts that are working hard to pay for their own wedding. It would be a treat to give them this as a wedding gift because they are the sweetest, kindest, generous, welcoming down to earth people you will ever meet. They are soul mates and show what love is and should be. Please pick these 2 you truly will not regret it! Vote for Tay wow & Charlie ♡ReplyCancel

  • Marie Gonzalez

    We didn’t know it at first, but we actually met in my Freshman Spanish class back in high school. We didn’t know each other and it wasnt until 6 years later that we actually connected by chance meeting through friends of friends. He had just moved back to our hometown of Orange Ca after going to Aerospace school in Tulsa, and I had just gotten out of a relationship and was enjoying my single life. We would hang out a lot as friends and in larger groups until one day I looked over at his sweet grin and realized I couldn’t miss a chance to see where our chemistry could lead. I made the first move and we’ve been together ever since. We’ve been through a lot together, supporting each other through the loss of my grandparents and his older sister as well as grandma. We’ve also celebrated many goals as a team and life events, like traveling, becoming aunt and uncle to our amazing nieces and nephews, and teaching me to snowboard . This last September on our 8th Anniversary, with the blessings from both of our families, Anthony asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes. We plan on making it official on our 10th Anniversary, 9/23/2017 somewhere in Southern California.ReplyCancel

  • Vincenzo Grasso

    My vote is for Taylor Gomez and Charlie Sabba, who are getting married September 9th, 2017! They have been dating since high school and are finally tying the knot! I can’t think of anyone else who is more deserving of this amazing prize! Taylor and Charlie are exreamly hard working and would do anything for each other. Together they are saving up every penny to pay for this rustic, farm wedding themselves! A wedding is a day every couple dreams about, Taylor and Charlie deserve to have a perfect day with you there to capture every moment! Let’s make their dreams a reality!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Errin Cathleen

    Thank you so much for posting this opportunity!! Im sure I can speak for many when I say choosing a photographer for the most important day of your life is a tad stressful! To do so on a budget seems nearly impossible, so THANK YOU very much for the opportunity, whom ever wins will be getting such an awesome gift! I think your tradition is wonderful!

    Mike F. and Erin K
    March 4, 2017. El Chorro in Paradise Valley, AZ

    Michael and I first met in college, like many people do, we hit it off and were instant friends! Little did I know I had met my future husband. We stayed friends for several years and were in touch constantly. Over our years of friendship we matured, we started career, grew deeper in our faith and our friendhsip. While I was on a work trip in his city, we made plans to meet up, as we alway did when I was in town. This time our dinner was different…I think we both knew it for the moment we sat down. In God’s perfect timing we had become the people we were meant to be for eachother. After two years of long distance, Michael moved to Arizona and later asked me to spend forever with him (How crazy!!). I can honestly say that I couldnt be more excited to spend life’s journey with him, and I’m constantly finding new things to love about him every day! We’d be honor to have you capture and share our special day with us!! Plus, we’re a hell of a good time!ReplyCancel

  • Helen Gomez

    No one deserves this more than my daughter Taylor Gomez and her fiance Charlie Sabba. They are childhood sweathearts. Neither one of them have had it easy growing up. They work so hard for everything they have. My husband and I are not in a good financial situation. I’m disabled but we are scrapping every penny so these two love birds can have their dream wedding. What makes them so special is they don’t ask for anything elabirate. They want a rustic country wedding at Allaire State park, NJ in September 9, 2017. They will be paying for the majority of the wedding, if they could win a photographer would be amazing. Taylor already loved your work Vanessa. Please consider these two crazy kids, they have been together 9 years and are planning to tell the world how much they love each other. We would love for you to be part of it.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Lynne

    I have never met two people more deserving of this opportunity then my best friend (and Maid of Honor,) Taylor Gomez. Taylor and I became friends our freshman year of high school and I was lucky enough to witness the love between her, and her fiancé Charlie throughout the last 8 years. Most of which I was the third wheel in all their dates! They have overcome so much as a couple, always standing by each other’s side through all of the awkward moments in our teenage years, to even those in our young adult ones. They are two of the most hardworking individuals I have ever met, and they continuously motivate one another to be the best version of themselves, all the while working together to be the best they can be for one another. There will never be enough words to describe how much I appreciate the friendship I have with Taylor. It’s a crazy feeling to know I have been by their side since our highschool prom days, and it would mean the world to me if you would make my best friend’s dream come true and photograph their wedding!! They will be getting married September 9, 2017 in NJ. Their wedding day will be full of love, BBQ, and country music…so ya may wanna get your cowgirl boots ready ;) Thank you!!

    Katie Lynne CerchioReplyCancel

  • Claud Ia Lee

    my fiancé and I have been together since high school when we were on the same dragon boat team :) our wedding will be on July 15,2017 in Toronto, ON! would love to have you there! -Claudia (and Matt) @clodzilla – following you on instaReplyCancel

  • Maria Chippis

    This would be amazing!!! My name is Maria and my fiancé is Kevin. Where do I begin… Well first we just got engaged on Christmas 2015. We are getting married on 7/1/17 in Providence, RI. This is a day I have dreamed of since a little girl. I will be 49 years old in May and my fiancé is 48. I have never been married before, so this is the biggest deal of my life. For years I had given up the idea of ever meeting the right guy. I had always had a relationship but it never lead to marriage. When I met Kevin he was different. We met 4 years ago in May 20, 2012. We met by pure chance and since that day my life has changed. I found my love, my partner in life, my prince. A kind, sweet, selfless man who loves me unconditionally. The only thing I wish I could change is I wish I met him 10 years ago. I would have loved to have a family with him. We have each other though, bought a house and have 2 Persian cats. They make us smile everyday. So I love my little family and am so beyond happy to be marrying the man I had been waiting for my whole life. To win this would mean I would be able to relive our story everyday. To have you as my photographer would make it even more incredible and memorable. I want to be able to look at my photos as I get older and remember every detail and feeling I had. Your gift would make that possible and I would forever appreciate it and be incredibly thankful. I hope you will consider my wedding. Thank you so much for this opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney Oslund

    My fiancé (Brett) and I (Courtney) met in a mall parking lot over six years ago! I knew the day we first met we were going to end up together. He has the most amazing smile that would draw any girl in! After four years of dating, he popped the question in the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada. We are so excited to tie the knot! We will be getting married in the Spring of 2017, in the Mountains of Alberta, Canada, an hour away from where we got engaged. Blush pink and navy are our colors with a rustic feel. Vanessa’s pictures are simply stunning and it would be so amazing to win this photography package as Brett and I are recent post secondary graduates and would not normally indulge in such an amazing photo package for our wedding!! Fingers crossed :)ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Florez

    My name is Natalie and my fiance is Alex we will be getting married November 5th, 2016 at Ports O’ Call Restauraunt in San Pedro, CA. Our story begins as high school sweethearts in 2002 I was 15 and he was 16 but our story wasnt always sweet lol we had a long journey of ups and downs. We had our son at a young age and unfortunately separated for a few years. I believe being so young we were not prepared for our forever yet, we learned to go from lovers to parents to friends and to lovers again we were able to learn all the good and bad in each other and also learned that through it all our love was real. I feel like we survived the ultimate test let each other go only to find a way back to each other. Although we did everything backwards and not the traditional way I truly feel like it is love and fate that we ultimately ended up together. We not only fell in love once but twice and all over again :)ReplyCancel

  • Victoria Hernandez

    Hello! My fiance and i will be getting married November 11, 2016 in my beautiful home town of Paso Robles! I was raised as a small town girl who, after high school, decided to move to Los Angeles to ‘explore the big city.’ This is when i met my city boy fiance, Gabriel. He has without a doubt changed my life for the better, he is the loving supportive (granted a weird goof ball too) partner you only hope you would be able to find. And lucky me, not only am i the luckiest girl to soon call him my husband, he has also brought the most wonderful (yet equally as goofy) little girl into my life, my soon to be step-daughter Malia! As if our tiny family couldn’t feel anymore perfect..life gifted us with my first pregnancy! Our family our 3 will soon be a family of 4! At the wedding our youngest daughter will be barely 4 months old. We are more then excited to be having our wedding in November, it without a doubt will be a night to remember not only because i get to marry the man of my dreams, but because it will be the first day that my little family and i will all officially be, The Magdaleno’s! So please come join the fun with us!ReplyCancel

  • Isabel Silva

    My name is Isabel my friend/sister Natalie and her fiance is Alex we will be getting married November 5th, 2016 at Ports O’ Call Restauraunt in San Pedro, CA. they are high school sweet hearts she was 15 and he was 16 they have two beautiful kids. They have been threw ups and Downs. I hope u pick them they are wonderful and caring people. She is a wonderful mommy and soon to be wife.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Lebak

    My name is Lauren Lebak and my Fiance’s name is Matt Lichtenstein. Our love story began at Elon University where i played Women’s Golf and he played Football. February of his senior year, he asked me to be his girlfriend. He is a year older and so he graduated just a couple months later,but stuck around small town, USA and traveled over an hour each day to work to be there while I finished up school. Once i graduated, I moved to Boston, MA for work and he had to stay in NC. One year later I was able to relocated with my company to Raleigh, NC and not a month later he got a dream job in Atlanta, GA. Fastforward 3ish years later we’ve been dating for 6 years 4 of them being long distnace. We have our favorite place and that is Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, SC. My sister and i went to visit my parents who live on Haig Point for a family weekend and that Saturday night he surprised me at our favorite restuarant, got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I absolutly said yes and all my dreams came true that very night.

    We will be getting married on Haig Point as that is a the place i grew up during my summers as a child. It is now the place I got engaged at and soon to be the place i get married. The wedding date is set for May 20th, 2017. This island is like NO other island. There are NO cars, NO movie theaters, NO grocery stores. It is located just one nautical mile from Hilton Head Island, SC. In order to get to Haig Point, you take a 30 minute ferry boat ride to arrive at the Haig Point Embarkation Center and get around the island by golf cart. You are greeted by the most welcoming staff and the mossy oaks that scower the island giving you the peace and tranqulity that people dream about.

    Please let me know if there is anything else you need to me and good luck and congrats to all the other couples out there!

    Lauren LebakReplyCancel

  • Michele Vo

    My fiancé and I plan to get married Fall 2017 in Colorado. We met in San Diego on a blind date set up by his boss and boss’ wife. Ryan was serving in the Navy at the time and I was working in California. Only a few short weeks after we met, Ryan was being deployed. As much as I would have liked to have spent more time with him, I believe that everything happens for a reason and our relationship worked the way it should because we had the opportunity to know each other on a deeper level. Ryan came back after a long 7 months only to leave again for another 8 after only being back for 3. Fast forward to a few months prior, we have been together for over four years and are living in Colorado. We got news that Ryan’s father is really sick, and decided to go and see him in Nevada in case anything happened. I flew out after work to see and spend some time with Ryan’s dad. I knew he was in bad shape but didn’t realize the extent until I arrived.

    After dinner, Ryan wanted to take a walk outside by the Colorado River that splits the AZ and NV border. It was there that he proposed and the next day we were able to share the news with his dad before we had to go back to Colorado. Ryan wanted his dad to know that he would have a new daughter as part of the family and thankfully he got to share in our joy before passing shortly there after. Wedding planning as been tough since we just moved to Colorado recently but I am hopeful we will find an incredible venue!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Lee

    Eric and I have known each other for lifetimes! Since the first time we ever laid eyes on each other, it was if we’d done it a thousand times before! After both being in bd relationships prior, we have helped put ourselves back together. Eric is unwavering in his love for me. We are best friends and quite simply can’t live without one another! We are getting married on July. 16, 2016, in Essex, VT, in a hot air balloon over the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain. We are having a send off part ith close family and friends in RI then heading to VT early to sleep and then get ready for a sunset ceremony. It will be physcally small, but proportionately epic!ReplyCancel

  • Shelby Hadfield

    I met my best friend Taylor Gomez in 2008 in Hair School and her fiancé Charlie Sabba a little while after, they will be getting married on September 9, 2017. They are high school sweethearts but have known eachother since middle school! When they get married at allaire chapel in Monmouth county nj, it will be a few months shy of TEN YEARS!!!
    Taylor and Charlie are very hard working and will be supporting all the finances themselves for their big day. I know she’s been talking about #vanessajoyphotography ever since Charlie got down on one knee – which happened at the most amazing place!!! They both love country music but Taylor is a T.Swift fanatic 110% and Charlie took her to see her concert in Nashville for her 25th birthday..so he got down on one knee in front of tons of people which happened to be recorded on someone’s phone, than posted on Twitter, than Taylor Nation retweeted it! I mean how awesome is that?!
    You won’t wanna miss out on their country themed wedding which will have the most amazing comfort food and an amazing vibe all together! PLEASE PICK THEM!!! You won’t regret it!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Peters

    My fiancé Doug Musser and I are getting married in 30 days! Our wedding is planned on April 16, 2016 at Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY. Our pastor, Chris High, will be officiating the ceremony. Our friends Daniel Sanchez, Mark Glindmeyer, Elizabeth Varela and Diana Varela will perform live music during the ceremony. Mark’s wife, Athina, is my matron of honor; and Dan’s wife, Rebecca, is a bridesmaid.

    Vanessa and Rob captured our friends Dan and Rebbeca’s wedding photography and cinematography at The Manor in 2013. To this day, we are so impressed with their work!

    We are so excited to celebrate our wedding day with so many of our friends and family, and would be delighted if Vanessa could capture these precious moments!

    For more information on our wedding day and to read our story, we invite you to check out our website! Our story is written by Erika Lenzi, author of marriedinthemilesquare.com and previously published by A Practical Wedding. https://amanda-n-doug.squarespace.com/ReplyCancel

  • Cassie Doherty

    I am so excited to marry my love, Heath M.R. David! We are getting married on 4/22/2017, which is earth day, at St Francis of Assisi in Metuchen, NJ with a reception at Valleybrook Country Club in Blackwood, NJ. We met back in 2012. Shortly after meeting, Heath took me out to a work event he was having for wine. We talked for hours outside on that cold December Wednesday night after the event. It was all history from there. Heath comes from a very unconventional background and has overcome many obstacles through the years. I love the fact that he looks at the situations as a survivor, and not as a vitcim. We enjoy being a bit unique. Heath custom designed my engagement ring with a sapphire center stone and I love it! Although we are very different people, we compliment each other very well. We can’t wait to get married and share the rest of our lives together! We want to be able to document our special day with high quality images to last through our lifetime and future generations!ReplyCancel

  • Gabby Ella

    I met my fiancé 8 years ago when we were freshman in college. On an unseasonably warm day in December we took one of our dogs on a hike and Will asked me to bring my camera because we’d never been to this park and it had great views. We walked through the woods until we got to a clearing where you could see the George Washington Bridge. He suggested we set up the camera and take a picture with the self timer. When I ran to jump in the shot he was on his knee!

    We are planning to get married in 2017 in New Jersey, New York, or Vermont but are not set on a date just yet!

    (Gabriella Cuzzola and Will Cownie)ReplyCancel

  • Will Cownie

    My fiancé and I met when we were freshmen in college. Photography has been a big part of our relationship as it is a passion of Gabriella’s. She has recently taken pictures for several friends’ engagements and even photographed her first wedding this past October. About two years ago Gabriella began incessantly sending me screen shots of Vanessa Joy’s pictures saying this is who I want to photograph our wedding!
    We are planning on getting married in 2017 in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut or Vermont. Not set on a hard date yet but hope to know within the next couple months.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Woods

    I would like to vote for Taylor Gomez and Charlie Sabba. They are getting married 9/9/17. These two deserve to win this they are highschool sweethearts! I became friends with Taylor almost 8 years ago and we have been best friends ever since. When she introduced me to Charlie I thought Wow they are the perfect couple. They will be going TEN YEARS strong when they get to say I Do. When two people go through that much and grow up together and still love eahother as much as the first day they met then you really know thats true love. The two of them are supporting all their wedding finances themselves and i’ve heard #vanessajoyphotography before she was out of nashville where he proposed! I know this would mean the world to them. This is going to be the most beautiful southern style wedding and really should be captured by only the best! PLEASE pick them!
    Thank you! Danielle <3ReplyCancel

  • Kaitlin LiVolsi

    My best friend Gabriella met her fiancé Will at Quinnipiac university 8 years ago. When they became engaged this past December, I could not be happier! Will compliments Gabby perfectly. He is a smart, outgoing and exceptionally funny guy who supports all of Gabby’s creative habits, which include up-cycling old furniture, handcrafting jewelry and of course, photography. Gabriella has fallen in love with Vannessa Joy’s work and would forever be thankful to win this amazing prize. I know Vannessa will capture their love story perfectly and see what a beautiful couple they are inside and out. Gabriella Cuzzola and Will Cownie will be married in 2017 in NJ, NY or Vermont. Exact date TBD! Please choose this amazing and well deserving couple and make their wedding day one they will never forget!ReplyCancel

  • Kaitlin LiVolsi

    My best friend Gabriella met her fiancé Will at Quinnipiac university 8 years ago. When they became engaged this past December, I could not be happier! Will compliments Gabby perfectly. He is a smart, outgoing and exceptionally funny guy who supports all of Gabby’s creative habits, which include up-cycling old furniture, handcrafting jewelry and of course, photography. Gabriella has fallen in love with Vanessa Joy’s work and would forever be thankful to win this amazing prize. I know Vannessa will capture their love story perfectly and see what a beautiful couple they are inside and out. Gabriella Cuzzola and Will Cownie will be married in 2017 in NJ, NY or Vermont. Exact date TBD! Please choose this amazing and well deserving couple and make their wedding day one they will never forget!ReplyCancel

  • Ally Cuzzola

    My cousin and her fiancé could not be more perfect for each other. Gabby is the kindest, and most loving person that I know. But also the quirkiest. She’s creative and beautiful and ever since she has met her fiancé Will they have been inseparable. They dated for a long time before they got engaged and my large family, being the Italians that we are, waited a long time as well. When they finally got engaged and surprised everyone my family was ecstatic and we can not wait to welcome him to the family. The day he proposed I remember calling my cousin and she was in tears she was so happy. She said he took her on a hike along a river and set up a camera a little away. They set the timer as if to take an ordinary picture and when Gabby turned around he was down on one knee. It was a fairytale proposal and now all that’s left is their fairytale wedding. They hope to get married summer 2017 and the only thing that would make it most memorable is if their memories were photographed by you. Gabby was always the one behind the camera, finding the best angles and shots that would capture the memories of the important events that our family had. Now she deserves someone amazing to capture the events of her wedding so she can look back and remember the best day of her life. Winning you as a photographer for her wedding would be a dream come true. Gabby and Will deserve the best and that is Vanessa Joy Photography!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Nicolaro

    I would love to nominate Gabriella Cuzzola and Will Cownie. No one deserves it more than these two. They are the first in our big Italian family to be getting married and have never fallen short of being the perfect role models for all of us. Capturing their perfect love will be a piece of (wedding) cake at this wedding! Gabby has been the photographer behind the scenes at all of our family’s special occasions. From all of our proms to our birthdays Gabby made it a priority to make sure we got the perfect pictures of our special days. It would be so amazing if Gabby and Will could be photographed by their favorite photographer on the very first day of their happily ever after. Knowing that both Will and Gabby are huge fans of Vanessa’s work, this would be absolutely the perfect gift! Their wedding date will be in 2017 and they are currently looking around the New Jersey- New York area. Thank you for this opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey Shay

    My good friends Gabby Cuzzola and Will Cownie have been together since their time in college. If there was ever a couple who fit the description of balancing each other out — it’s Gabby and Will. Their relationship is truly admirable because even though they can seem so uniquely different at times, they’ve always supported one another. Gabby was the photographer at my wedding and I’ve always been so grateful for the dedication she gave to my wedding day. Her natural talent and eye for capturing moments, both big and small, made every photo special. Gabby and Will deserve to have the type of wedding photos where they can look back and experience the same joy that her photography has given to so many other couples.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Anne

    My fiancé, José, and I met 8 years ago at the Broadway Grill in Red Bank, NJ. He was the chef there and I was training to be a hostess. We knew each other for a long time before we started dating. We have been together for almost 5 years now and are getting married on October 8, 2016 in West Long Branch, NJ. Jose runs a kitchen in a restuarant in Manasquan, NJ and I am a middle school Language Arts teacher. He is from Mexico originally and we are looking forward to blending our cultures with our guests at our intimate wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene Anna

    Our love story started in the middle of rural Iowa, in a town of about 400, when I started my high school exchange year in 2009. I’m from a fairly big town in Germany and that I was culture shocked is probably an understatement. My senior class only had 10 students so it didn’t take long until I met Brian. We clicked right away but I swore myself that I wouldn’t date anyone while being in the states since I had to go back home the next summer. Long story short, we fell in love and have been dating ever since. I had to go back home to Germany in July 2010 and I felt like my heart was ripped in a 1000 pieces. It wasn’t until April that I saw him again. Long-distance is the worst!!!! I decided to attend college in Iowa so we could be together. After 4 wonderful years together I graduated and had to go back home AGAIN since my visa was up. I was reliving my nightmare from 2010. I visited for a few days in July and then again in October 2015 for Brian’s Police Academy Graduation. He has a fairly big family but everyone came to Des Moines for the graduation. We decided to go out for dinner with everyone but his mom [she is also a photographer] decided she wanted to take some family pictures. Brian was actually excited about pictures which was super weird because he usually hates taking any. I was a little confused but went along. In the middle of the pictures he just went down on one knee and asked me to be his wife in front of everybody. Nobody but his mom knew about it so the picture turned out hilarious! :) It’s still crazy to me that out of seriosuly any town/state in the US I went to Iowa to meet him.
    We will be getting married at a vinery in Des Moines on October 15th 2016. I’m so excited to be getting married in the fall since it’s my absolute favorite season. It’s so important to me to have beautiful wedding pictures and your work is amazing! :)ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Birchler

    This would be an amazing gift for Taylor Gomez and Charlie Sabba. They deserve something special like this for their big day! Taylor loves your photography and this would mean the world to her, I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more!ReplyCancel

  • Audrey Brooks

    My son, William Cownie and his fiancée, Gabby Cuzolla, are getting married summer 2017. They are huge fans of yours and the nicest kids ever. They work hard and are involved in numerous charities from animal shelters to collecting coats for kids to cancer prevention. Please pick them!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra 'vice' Krosche

    Two of my very best friends in the world are set to get married during the summer of 2017 somewhere on the east coast! Gabby and Will met their freshmen year of college and have been together ever since. They are two of the most fun, loving, and beautiful people in my life. They are constantly advocating for various charity organizations and so focused on making the world we live in a better place – whether it is coats for kids in the winter or saving dogs from shelters. They absolutely deserve for someone to advocate for them, so here I am!

    To have Vanessa Joy photograph Gabby and Will’s wedding would be a dream come true. Gabby and Will love photography so much and should get the best for their special day. Photography was even part of their proposal — Will proposed to Gabby while they went out for a hike one day. He had Gab set up her camera to capture a photo of them with one of their dogs… then without. On the second one, the camera captured Will on one knee perfectly.

    I would be forever grateful if my friends got this opportunity. Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to following all of your beautiful work!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Cuzzola

    My sister Gabby and her fiancé Will recently got engaged in December after 8 years of dating. Their love story started when they were just freshman in college and has lasted throughout the years growing only stronger with time. We are also excited (and have been waiting) for them to start this next chapter in their lives. The one thing that my sister has expressed strongly for her special wedding day is to have you as the photographer! My sister enjoys photography herself and truly admires your work. She is always the one behind the camera taking pictures for friends and the family so she deserves the best in return. Please consider choosing Gabby and Will as finalists for your giveaway and help make their special day even more memorable!ReplyCancel

  • Fatima Laureano

    My fiancé and I met in high school back in 2008. It was senior year and he and I became best friends. We were so close we went to the same college to both study Criminal Justice. During the first year of college, we became really close and he told me he had been in love with me since high school. He was such a sweetheart, he asked me out and even asked my parents to date me! ( my parents are a bit more conservative and old school) I love that he asked my parents, they really respected him for having the courage to go and ask for me to be his girlfriend. My fiancé and I finished college. Unfortunately, he had a work accident causing him to have back surgery ( he had a herniated disc, pretty bad he needed surgery asap) his recovery has been very long and slow, due to the severity of the injury. This happened to him three years ago and he is now getting better. Because times are tough, we would love the opportunity to enter this contest. He is my everything. We have now been dating almost six years and he proposed to me November of 2015. Through all this, he has remained positive and has not given up on us, on life or anything. We have our wedding planned for April 22,2017. The wedding will be small and simple, but with the help and attendance of our friends and loved ones, nothing really matters, only that he and I become one in holy matrimony. We are located in Orange County California.
    Thanks for the opportunity! Best of luck to all who enter!!!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Castiglione Shikhris

    My little brother Alex, and his fiance, Lindsay met at work at a media sales firm in NYC. They both soon realized they had a similar interest in working out and fitness and became gym buddies soon after. Eventually they realized there was something more there and before I met her I knew she was perfect for him and “the one” (whether or not he realized it – big sisters always know :) ). I finally got the opportunity to meet her on my own wedding day and she’s been a sister to me from that moment. My father frelocated from NJ to Georgia and Alex had to join him. Lindsay moved along with them, leaving her family and friends in NJ – all for love! When Alex told me he was planning to propose I was over the moon for Lindsay to “officially” become my sister. He proposed at the beach near Lindsay’s hometown in South Jersey while her mom, sister and brother in law secretly watched and captured some beautiful pictures! After trying to figure out where and when to get married, they decided on a small wedding of just family on September 17, 2016 in New Orleans and then celebrating aboard a cruise ship the following week. Outside of my husband and children, my brother is my heart. Both of our parents have passed (mom 21 year ago and my father suddenly just before he proposed) and I am his only remaining immediate family. I want his day to be as beautiful and wonderful as the woman he is marrying and would love for it to be captured forever in your ethereal photography. Thank you so much for this opportunity! <3ReplyCancel

  • Jen Ann

    What a great opportunity you are giving engaged couples. I was referred to this contest by a friend of mine in which you will be shooting her wedding this June 1-th. She has highly recommended you and could not wait to tell me about this opportunity. My fiancé Rich and I have been friends for many years, way before we started dating nearly 6 years ago. We have been through so much throughout these years that makes me know that this is a love that will last forever. Rich was in the Marine Corps and only a few months after we started dating, he was activated to go to Afghanistan. So our relationship went from long distance from New Jersey to North Carolina (where he was stationed) and putting many many miles on my car as I drove down on weekends to even longer distance when he was over seas. When he came home it was an adjustment after being away for so long. We eventually purchased our first place together. I was blessed to become pregnant with our now 2 year old daughter and shortly after he was blessed with being hired by the police department in our town. Again, we faced separation during his academy time, but it was a vacation compared to what we have gone through. Rich proposed this past Christmas Eve and we are about to make our family complete. It is due to unfortunate circumstances that my future father-in-law was diagnosed with lung cancer. His full recovery time is predicted to be March of 2017. Of course we want him healthy enough to enjoy the most incredible day of our lives, so therefore we are waiting until summer of 2017. We haven’t decided on a place yet, although we thought it would be nice to have our wedding where we had went on our first date nearly 6 years ago, the Salt Creek Grille in Rumson NJ. Although we haven’t made that official as there are so many beautiful places in our area and down the shore to chose from. Thank you for listening to my story and giving this wonderful opportunity to those who are moving towards the greatest step two people in love can make.ReplyCancel

  • Athina Marina Selena

    I nominate Amanda Peters and Doug Musser who will be getting married April 16th of 2016! I helped Doug with the amazing rooftop proposal and have had the pleasure of being Matron of Honor They will be getting married in New York at Glen Island Harbour and then will take an amazing honeymoon to Hawaii! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for these two and how their full hearts will impact their community and the people they meet.ReplyCancel

  • Christina Coletta

    My amazing friends Jenna & Vince are true soulmates and amazing people ! They are getting married this October and I’m honored to be one of their Angels (bridesmaids) ! This is such an amazing opportunity for them to have THE BEST photographer capture there beautiful love for each other on the best day of their lives !! I can’t think of anyone more deserving !!ReplyCancel

  • Erica Bier

    Anthony (my Fiance) and I are high school sweethearts. We’ve been together since July of 2008, and have been engaged since June 17th, 2015 (it was a long time coming).
    After nearly 8 years, we truly feel like we “grew up” together. I cheered for his football team in little league, and we officially “met” in a high school computer science class. It was then that I fell (and was somehow talked into doing his homework).
    We went to colleges far away, but were brought back together fairly quickly and have been an inseperable item ever since.

    We planned on our wedding being on November 11th of 2016, but the vendor fell through and we just booked at The Westmount Country Club on Saturday, July 30th, 2016. Since it’s less than 4 months away, we’re strapped to find amazing vendors.
    My number one concern is to have an outstanding photographer, and I must say, I’m head over heals for your work.

    It would truly be an honor to have you photograph our special day.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Messina

    Hello Vanessa, I am Laura from Italy, thank you for this wonderful opportunity that presents. First of all excuse me for my English childhood. So Filippo and I are lovers and friends for 10 years. We met on a hot June afternoon in Bologna, a mutual friend introduced us and in 24 hours were cooked for each other. A long embrace endless seconds made us understand everything. He is broken down by Livorno, his hometown, and after a month of nightly chats on msn, we met in Florence excited like children in front of an amusement park. After a wonderful day, with a stolen kiss one second after a selfy to the station we tied and we have not lost. Despite my travels, in Australia, and other cities far, the only important thing was to go back to him. Now after infinity shifts, we are in Livorno, Tuscany, Italy. What binds us is the little things, the small details and memories scattered in time of these 10 years, it is the immense trust mutual honesty. And then he is so handsome :). We’ll be married 20 May 2016 to the City of Livorno. at 11:15. Everything will be simple like us. I must yet buy my wedding dress aaaah!ReplyCancel