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20 Tips for Boosting Your Photography Business

July 29, 2014

Marketing Mania: 20 Ways to Boost Your Photography Business

I love when I get the chance to chat at B&H. There’s always a diverse crowd eager to learn and the fact that I get to share the presentation with you now, around the world, makes it all the more worthwhile!

If you know me, you know I love teaching about the photography business end of things. Especially when it comes to talking about how to market your photography business, find new clients and keep yourself ahead of the curve. Having your own business can be really tough sometimes, but the rewards are definitely worth it. I had to learn so much about businesses when I started mine up. Marketing tips, how to use software like Linkedin Integration and so much more. It’s so worth it though! All too often I see incredible photographers not do well in their photography business because the marketing is lacking, and the opposite is true as well. Our culture and advertising marketing is changing very rapidly with technology and now more than ever photographers need to know how to harness social media and other creative marketing ideas to keep their photography and cinematography businesses afloat.

The fun part is, it won’t matter what kind of business you’re into, this marketing tutorial is universal because marketing is sort of like math: the same in every language. So sit back and soak it in – or better yet, write some stuff down and try it out for you and your business. enJoy!