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Life with Lissi // The Beginning // Birth Photos by Jessica Lee Photography

February 16, 2015

Birth Photography

I don’t think I can accurately describe in words what it’s like to give birth to your first child. In fact, I’m pretty sure no one really can in a way that any one else can clearly understand or grasp the fullness of life and purpose that it brings into your being. In a way, it’s a lot like what it feels like walking down the aisle and getting married. It’s most definitely at the top of the life experiences that need to be remembered and cherished throughout the years. Because of that, I knew that I wanted it documented just like my wedding and all other milestone events in my life have been. To top it off, there’s actually a hormone that causes us women to FORGET labor…which is so we forget the pain and have more children, but the good goes out with the bad and without the photos and videos I have I would’ve forgotten so much even just days after Felicity was born.

Birth photography can be a bit controversial (much like my decision to not reveal I was pregnant until I was 8 months along) and those who take part in it from either end of the camera are labeled as anything from crazy to pioneers in a wild new trend. While I’m no stranger to being called either of these things, having someone photograph a very special, but quite vulnerable and, um, open moment in your life isn’t the easiest things to decide to do even if you’ve had your heart set on it from the beginning.

Every time I’ve ever chosen a photographer to capture a time like this one in my life, I’ve not only chosen them because of the wonderful work they do, but also because of their meaning to me as a friend and because I want that person there during important events in my life. It’s always been about the relationship with the photographers that I’ve worked with just as much as the work itself. A concept that I try to bring into my own wedding photography with my brides and grooms. I was so happy to have my graphic designer (who designed my logo) and incredible 2nd photographer and friend Jessica Lee not only there with me throughout the whole process, but capturing each precious moment as well. She even know when to put the camera down and be a part of coaching me through the process! (which you’ll see in a photo that Yvonne took – more on her later) I’m quite lucky to have friends like her!

I also had a sort of Doula as well, Yvonne Moss. Yvonne has known me since I was born and though she doesn’t do it professionally, she’s been a Doula to a lot of women she loves and cares about and wants to support through childbirth…I believe she’s been to 30 births at this point! It’s pretty special to have someone you’ve known your whole life, watch you grow up and then be there when you have a child of your own. I can’t thank her enough for the support before, during and after this whole pregnancy.

And of course, my husband, who was there with me through all 42 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing. Yea, two hours of pushing that ended in severe back spasms (that came right through the epidural) and me nearly giving up and requesting a C-section. Rob, who knew when I needed a loving touch, a GoPro in my face or when I needed to be called “Dude” during the most intense points of labor to psych me into continuing to do something I swore I had no energy left to do. You continue to amaze me with the man you are and continue to become.

I do hope you enJoy the PG version of Felicity Grace’s birth and if you’re deciding yourself if you’d like to have your birth documented, I hope this inspires you to a yes. 🙂

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