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Amanda and Michael :: Engaged :: Central Park Engagement Photos

June 10, 2015


Amanda and Michael’s Central Park Engagement photos were a JOY to capture! We strolled around the park and got some adorable photos of these two snuggling up and just enjoying the day.  We even got some photos in a taxi cab! I also loved their choice of attire for the session.  Read below to hear directly from the bride-to-be about her wardrobe choice and their love story!:

“For my outfit, I wore a J-Crew dress and Steve Madden strappy shoes (my sister picked them out because she is way more fashionable than me!) I wanted to wear something that was flirty, fun, and fresh because I know one day I will want to look back and see how young and vibrant I looked! I thought the plain white would draw more focus towards Mike and me, and not to the outfit. I also think it is something I would have worn on a date with Mike when we first met, which is what makes me feel all warm and fuzzy about the outfit. I looked at a lot of Pinterest posts ahead of time and Vanessa’s blog, but when it came down to it my sister knew what was best!”central park engagement photoscentral park engagement photos

The moment I knew I was in love with Mike…he took me out to dinner in Philly while we were still in college. We sat down next to a pair of 90-something year-old women. We overheard that they were sisters and they were out for one of their birthdays. They were so small and cute and could barely hear or see each other over the table. Mike and I spent a bit of time talking to them, and at the end of the night, Mike surprised them by paying for their whole bill! He didn’t even tell me he was going to do it. That’s the moment I knew he was the caring compassionate person that I could see myself spending years with.2015-05-18_004

Mike and I met at Villanova – we were in the same investment club together and a few classes. He was the type of guy to sit in the back of the class and trade on his laptop, while I was the type of girl to sit in front and raise my hand to answer every question. We didn’t really hit it off until we both interned in NYC the summer after our Junior year. One night we ran into each other out at a bar and ended up talking until 4:30am! He didn’t make a move to kiss me the entire night, and I thought this was because he thought I was annoying. I was really embarrassed! The next night I saw him again, and he explained that he didn’t kiss me because he really liked me and didn’t want to mess anything up. The rest is history!central park engagement photos

Mike popped the question the week before my 25th birthday. I knew we were going away that weekend to Mexico as a birthday present for both of us, because he turned 25 one month after me. He was also taking me out to dinner the night before we left for Mexico, but didn’t tell me where. He ended up taking me to a wine cellar in NYC that we had been to before that was very special to us. He took to the private dining room and I saw the table was set for 6. I knew right then that he was going to propose because the extra seats were for my mom, dad, sister, and her boyfriend. Before they came downstairs he read me a little speech he prepared and got down on one knee to ask. We spent the night drinking champagne with my family and left the next morning for Mexico! He knows how important family is to me so it was really special that he included them in that night.central park engagement photos

If we could vacation anywhere in the world together right now it would either be the British Virgin Islands on a sailboat OR to the Red Reflet Ranch in Wyoming. Both are incredibly beautiful and peaceful in different ways. Both places also make it difficult to be on your cell phone or computer, so it really removes you from everyday life in a good way.NYC engagement2015-05-18_009

As for the wedding, we are most excited about having all of our friends and family in one place for our wedding. Mike and I are happiest when we are surrounded by the people we love!NYC engagement2015-05-18_0112015-05-18_012taxi cab engagement

Central Park Engagement Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography