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Save The Dates and Thank You Cards – What to Do Before and After You Say “I Do” – Save the Date Ideas

August 17, 2015


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You just got engaged! Congrats! You’ll be supplying the post office with a substantial amount of income over the next year or so. From STDs to TYCs and of course wedding invitations, you’ll get pretty familiar with the post office teller and that awfully long line. What do STDs and TYCs have to do with the post office you ask? Save-the-Dates and Thank You Cards often get mailed. 😉 I know, I know – you can smack me in the comments below. Until then, here are some save the date ideas.

custom save the dates

Normally you’ll have a stationery designer create your gorgeous wedding invitations where the sky is the limit. But if you’d like to stay with the gorgeousness for your save-the-date and thank you cards, but stay away from the $15 per card price point, then this is where your photographer comes in handy. Thanks to my in-house graphic designer, I can offer my clients the world.

Personally, all of my clients get complimentary custom-designed, 5×5/5×7, flat double-sided thank yous (Yea ya do!) or for save-the-dates they’re just $45 per 25. You need them and I have some pretty pictures that I can put on them. I even fill in some of the writing for them so their fingers don’t hurt writing them all out themselves (and their poor handwriting skills are kept a secret that way too).

But that’s not all!!

Flat double-sided cards are great, but you can do so much more. And don’t just stop at Thank You Cards when you’ve got great engagement photos to slap on some pretty save-the-dates too! Here are some options my clients have when they order (or upgrade) save-the-date or thank you cards with me.

wedding thank you ideas

Folded and Tri-Folded are available too! 

custom wedding cards

tri fold save the dates

Paper Stock is default to 110lb press printed with a eggshell or pearl finish. I’m a fan of both, though my clients tend to lean towards the smooth elegant pearl. However, 110lbs isn’t where we stop.

$45 per 25 flat 5×5 or 5×7 cards

$70 per 25 folded 5×5 or 5×7 cards

$100 per 25 tri-folded 5×5 or 5×7 cards

There are two other types of paper I use: LOFT and ColorThick. Both give a heavyweight feel like you’d expect when you order a thick letterpress paper. LOFT is thick, soft and beautiful to the touch. ColorThick is the same, but you get to add a touch of color to the side of your cards. BE-A-UTIFUL. Either option is $150 per 25.

hoboken engagement pictures

custom save the date cards

custom save the dates

Shapes are another choice. Not everything has to be straight! We’ll take your cards from simple to sassy with a pretty die-cut shape like below. $25 per 25 cards

save the date ideas

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Don’t Forget the Envelopes!

Linen white envelopes are the default, and they’re quite cute, but you have options here too.

Return Addresses are no fun to write on your own so we can put them on the back of the envelope for you no problem. $15 per 25 envelopes.

Colors are another option that you can add on for $10 per 25 envelopes. Check out the colors below.

custom save the dates

Lining is my favorite part. Nothing speaks detailed-oriented luxury like customizing the envelope lining – and we can make anything you want here with my in-house graphic designer. $20 per 25 envelopes.

envelope lining

Get started on your save-the-dates or thank yous today!

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