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Aly and Brandon :: Expecting :: Sayen Gardens Maternity Photos

June 27, 2016

 Sayen Gardens Maternity Photos

Blue Maternity Gown  I love when my couples come back to me to document the next chapter in their lives – Babies! Aly and Brandon reached out to have their Sayen Garden maternity photos taken with me and I was overJOYed! Aly wore a beautiful blue, maternity dress that came from Sew Trendy Accessories, an online store. We walked around the gardens and took in nature and photographed ‘the bump!’. I’m so excited to see photos of their new bundle of joy when he arrives! Read more below to learn more about Aly and Brandon’s soon-to-be baby!

Maternity Photo Ideas

Did you find out the sex of your baby?
We did. We are having a boy!

Maternity Photo Ideas, Blue Maternity Gown

How many kids do you want to have (or already have?)?
Brandon and I both hope for a big family! We are hoping to have 4 but were going to see how it goes with 1 first!!

Sayen Gardens Maternity Photos, sew trendy maternity gown

What are you most excited about for your new bundle of JOY?
I’m so excited to finally meet him. But I am most excited to see my husband Brandon become a Father. He is already so excited and has so much love for this little boy, that to be able to see it every day once he arrives is going to be so special.

Sayen Gardens Maternity Photos , sew trendy maternity dress

Do you have a color scheme for your nursery yet?

Our color scheme for the nursery is very light and airy. It has cream walls with light blue accents and bedding!

Sew Trendy Maternity Gown

When are you due?
I am due June 22nd!!! (Hopefully a little sooner)

Maternity Photo Ideas

Where did your maternity attire come from (store/brand)?
My maternity dress came from Sew Trendy Accessories, an online store.

Sayen Gardens Maternity Photos

Are you craving anything in particular during this pregnancy?
I have been very lucky that I really have not had many cravings (Crazy I know)! In the beginning of my pregnancy I was really craving fresh fruits and throughout the entire thing I could never turn down ice cream!
Sayen Garden Maternity Photos by NJ Photographer, Vanessa Joy