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Christina and Paul :: Engaged :: Central Park Engagement Photos

November 23, 2016

central park photos
Christina and Paul :: Engaged :: Central Park Engagement Photos
I am so excited to share these Central Park engagement photos! I met Christina when I photographed her sister, Laura’s wedding.  Working with my brides siblings makes weddings that much more personable – and that’s exactly how Christina and Paul’s session was! We had a great time just chatting and walking around the park. Christina wore a beautiful cream, off the shoulder dress and Paul wore slacks and a sweater to keep things casual, but still dressy. I loved their session and I cannot wait for their wedding next year! Read more below to hear about their love story…

From the bride:
 Since we were having our pictures taken in Central Park in October, I wanted a dress that would be perfect for fall weather (even though it ended up being 80+ degrees outside!). I ended up picking a cream, off the shoulder, jersey knit dress by L’Agence. I paired it with saddle brown pumps, stud earrings, and of course my engagement ring. Paul dressed in Navy pants, with a white button down and a blue cashmere sweater. I loved the look of white against blue with all the fall foliage around us!

central park engagement photos central park engagement photos central park engagement photos 
How did you both meet?
     Paul and I have actually known each other our entire lives! Both our parents moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey and met through mutual friends. Our families would always get together for dinners, holidays and other fun family events. Growing up I had the BIGGEST crush on Paul – I would tell my mom all the time that I would marry him one day! Fast forward to when I was a sophomore in College and Paul had just graduated, we finally went on our first date and the rest is history…
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How did he pop the question?
      We had made plans weeks prior to go pumpkin and apple picking one Saturday afternoon, then later that night we we’re going to celebrate his sister-in-law Brett’s birthday. We spent about an hour pumpkin picking, taking our time and enjoying the cooler weather. Finally we paid for our pumpkins, stowed them in the car, and went back in for a round of apple picking. We kept strolling up and down the orchard trying to find the perfect spot – little did I know he was trying to find a private spot for just us two. Then, just as I picked the first apple and turned around to show him, he was already on his knee! After we got engaged, he said “let’s go home and surprise your mom!” My mom had told me she would be at a baby shower that afternoon, but he insisted we try to catch her before she left. Once we got home, he surprised me by having all our family and friends over to celebrate! It was truly the best day ever!
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What are you looking forward to in your life-after-marriage together?
    The one thing we are both most looking forward to in our life-after-marriage together is having a home of our own. We can’t wait to host Thanksgivings and Christmases, having our entire family over to celebrate and create lifelong memories!
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What are you most excited about for your wedding?
 For our wedding, we’re both most excited to get married and exchange our vows! I can’t wait to walk down the aisle toward him before we officially become husband and wife!
What is your favorite memory together?
It’s so hard to pick a favorite memory because we both have so many! But we both agreed that our first date would forever be one of our favorites. Paul took me to a delicious Italian restaurant in our hometown and ordered everything on the menu. We ate, drank, and talked for over four and a half hours. It was the first time we truly realized how much we had in common- our likes and dislikes, our love of family, and our hopes and dreams for the future. 
Central Park Engagement Photos by Luxury Wedding Photographer, Vanessa Joy Photography