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Stephanie and Steven :: Engaged :: Horse Farm Engagement Photos

November 21, 2016

fun engagement photos with horses

Horse Farm Engagement Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography

I am oh-so-excited to share Stephanie and Steven’s horse farm engagement photos today! When Stephanie told me she wanted to do photos on Steven’s farm – I was ecstatic! We had a lot of fun exploring the grounds and working with the horse and carriage. Stephanie and Steven even did an outfit change to get some casual photos as well. Read more below to learn about these two lovebirds.

From the bride:

We decided to take our Engagement Photos at Steven’s family farm, Magical Acres. I wanted to do two different outfits, but couldn’t decide what to wear. As I was rushing to get the train from NYC, I noticed a little dress shop. I quickly went in because the dress in the window caught my eye. And there it was, a long sequin white dress! They had my size and bought it on the spot. Luckily, it fit like a glove! After purchasing this dress, we then decided to go with two looks – a formal wear and dressy casual.

horse farm engagemet photos

horsefarm engagement photoshorse farm engagement photos

How did you two meet?

Being set up with someone could always take a weird turn. It’s always somebody’s expectations not being met or the awkwardness of the first date. Fate had its own path for us.

We met at a tiny little bar with loud music named DJAIS. Steve was lost looking for his friends across the dance floor when he happened to take a look at my friend and I dancing. At this moment it was when we both gave each other a quick look and Steve said “I think I know you?” that our relationship would start to begin.

bordentown NJ engagement photos horse farm engagement photos 2016-11-04_0004

How did he pop the question?

Steven managed to get both of our families together… dogs included. We were down at his family’s beach house in Long Beach Island. As we were making a toast to all of us being together, Steven interrupted and said “Here goes to nothing” and popped the question in front of everyone!

horse farm engagement photos, bordentown engagement photos rustic farm engagement

If you could vacation right now, anywhere in the world together – where would it be?

Tahiti. We’re currently looking into spending our first days of marriage there.

rustic farm engagement

What are you most excited about for your wedding? (Dances, speeches, vows, party etc).

Before I said my answer, I asked Steven what is he most excited for our wedding. He said he cannot wait  to see me walk down the isle and I can’t wait to see his reaction!

rustic farm engagement

What is your favorite memory together.

In unison, we both said The Grand Canyon. Steven surprised me on Christmas with a trip to Arizona to visit my brother. We drove out to the Grand Canyon as soon as we got off the plane. We were exhausted. When we got out of the car and walked up we saw one of the 7th greatest wonders in the world…. and we’re not talking about our love for each other. Here underneath stars we shared stories of our past and laughed and drank in the brisk January night. It was and still is one of our favorite memories of being together.

I can’t wait for your wedding Stephanie and Steven!

Horse Farm Engagement Photos by Luxury NJ Wedding Photographer, Vanessa Joy Photography