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Alexandra and Chris :: Engaged :: Jersey City Engagement Photos

July 5, 2017

Jersey city engagement photos, classic engagement in new jersey


Jersey City Engagement Photos :: Alexandra and Chris

Alexandra and Chris’ blossoming romance started after a few sporadic ‘run-ins’ over many years. These two just couldn’t seem to never run into each other! I had the pleasure of photographing Alexandra and Chris’ Jersey City engagement photos just a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I can’t wait for their wedding day! These two are cute as pie and their love is abundant for each other. We had a great time walking around Liberty State Park, chatting and snapping photos to get them prepared for their big day.¬†


Each of our best friends went to college together and on sporadic occasions we would go out together. We crossed paths 3 times in those four years. A few years later, I went out with my friend Dana to her celebrate her fianc√© Chris’ birthday. It turned out it was my Chris’ birthday too. We had a great evening and a few weeks later we went to a Yankee game and started dating from there.
Jersey city engagement photos, classic engagement in new jersey

Starting our lives together.

This past December, we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant where we normally go at least once a month. From there we had plans to go for a drink after but first he needed to stop home. Since we were so close I didn’t think anything of it, i figured it would be a quick run in and out of the house. As we pulled in his driveway he told me to come in but not to go into the basement because my Christmas gifts were out to be wrapped. Chris called me into the basement that was lit with candles and white Christmas lights. On a white table was black stones and candles spelling “MARRY ME?” I did not see it at first, which I think made Chris upset. He pulled the ring from his pocket and asked me to marry him. My first response was are you for real? But of course I said yes!
Jersey city engagement photos, classic engagement in new jersey, lady liberty in your engagement photos

Not one particular memory but every time we go on vacation together we have a fantastic time and those memories stick out most.

I was drawn to Chris’ intelligence and his knowledge of worthless facts was pretty impressive. Chris took much longer to answer this question than I did. He says he was drawn in by our ability to talk endlessly as almost complete strangers. He felt like there was chemistry from the start.
Jersey city engagement photos, classic engagement in new jersey, liberty state park
Jersey City engagement photos by Luxury wedding photographer Vanessa Joy Photography