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Why Should You Print Your Pictures?

October 30, 2017

Why Should You Print Your Pictures?

We live in a digital world where photos are taken every day, almost all the time. Thanks to smart phones and consumer friendly cameras, we can click away to our heart’s desire. It’s amazing, but at the same time it’s a tragedy because the majority of those captured moments aren’t seen past the moment they’re taken.

Knowing that wedding and engagement photos are at the top of the priority list for my brides and grooms, I make sure they understand that they’re not just getting them for themselves. Their wedding photos are for their future. And if they want their pictures to last, they have to print them. While almost all of my couples get their digital files online and on a USB, we all know that pictures that aren’t printed aren’t looked at almost ever again, and are soon forgotten.

As much as my couples will look through their wedding album and glance at their hanging wedding portrait, I know that it’s their children and grandchildren that will love them more. I often tell my clients that their wedding images, when printed, are like family heirlooms. I tell them to imagine their children discovering their wedding album and hearing their love story one day. To think of when, decades from now, their wedding portrait will hang in their great-grandkid’s home.

I know the wedding and engagement album and prints are some of the most valued possessions my clients have. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here are some of my brides and grooms sharing how they, and their children, love and cherish theirs even just a few years after their wedding.

Every time we walk into our bedroom, we are reminded of the most magical day of our lives. Our daughter loves looking at the canvas and asking about our wedding day. We get so many compliments on it and are thrilled we had it made.
– Joanna  and Mike

This is my favorite picture and the item you gave us (above,left).  It’s hanging in our formal living room which we use as our everyday living room over our couch.   We have 3 boys. My twins who are 2.5 look at it all the time and tell me I’m a princess I’ll love it! They are constantly staring at it. Everyone who comes into our house compliments the picture!

Our wedding album sits by our door in our sunroom so our guests see it when they come into our home, we have it alongside our engagement album and an album we made from our honeymoon. It represents the love that lives within the home we made! One day we will share it with our children, it is something tangible that they will be able to hold and look at, the day their mommy and daddy said “I do”!

Our wedding picture is the centerpiece of our living room. It was the first picture that we hung up when we purchased our house. We’ve since added more pictures and 3 (!!!) kids to the mix, but our wedding picture still has the most prominent place. It’s the bedrock on which we built this great family. It’s also so nice to see ourselves so young and well rested on a daily basis.



Remember, after the wedding day you have your photos to remember it by. Share them with your kids, their kids and pass down the family heirloom!