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Nora and Jon :: Engaged :: Ashford Estate Engagement Photos

February 20, 2018

Fall engagement session, NJ wedding

Ashford Estate Engagement Photos by Vanessa Joy

Two animal lovers cross paths and it has forever changed their lives! I’m so happy to share these Ashford Estate Engagement Photos with you today! Nora and Jon are the sweetest and I cannot wait for their wedding this Fall. Read more below to hear about their love story! 

Ashford Estate wedding, Engagement session at Ashford Estate


Jon and I first met around April of 2013. He was just back from college and doing his first lunch and learn at the animal hospital where I was working. He walked in and I nearly lost my breath. I exclaimed to my co-workers, “Oh he is so my type”. Well, Jon had to come into my animal hospital quite frequently and we wound up talking every time he came in. One day that summer we were both working at a Pet Expo. He had his new puppy with him, Jax. We talked almost the whole day while I played with his adorable puppy. At one point his new puppy pooped and I grabbed a poop bag and cleaned it up. Jon was in shock that I didn’t even hesitate and cleaned his puppy’s poop up, LOL! That day I just knew we had a connection. I went home and met up with two of my girlfriends that night and told them both, “I met the man I’m going to marry today”. We all laughed at my silliness because I didn’t even know him all that well and we hadn’t even gone on a date! But somehow, deep down, I knew it was true. I knew we had been brought together for a reason and that I was meant to be with him and take care of him. Soon after that day I signed onto my facebook and had a friend request from him. My knees actually got weak! I felt like I was going to faint! He found me I thought! An hour later he private messaged me and we started talking… and the rest is history so they say! And hopefully, we will live happily ever after.


Fall NJ Wedding, Weddings of Distinction


Jon and I have such a fun and incredible relationship and it continues to get stronger every day. I look forward to calling him my husband and continuing to build an incredible life together. I want to be that really old cute couple on the dance floor that everyone looks at and says, “Wow look at them, I want a relationship exactly like them”.

Wow he really tricked me! He had invited my whole family to a Disney trip with his family in November. So naturally I thought, oh it is definitely happening in Disney while both of our families are together. Well, Saturday, September 16th we had no plans and he said let’s go to lunch with our good friends Donna and Lisa at Rats in Hamilton. We always go out with them so there was nothing strange about it to me. After lunch we walked the grounds there at Grounds for Sculpture. He got down on his knee asked me on top of a hill surrounded by rose bushes while Donna and Lisa were recording and taking pictures. I was sooo surprised I ugly cried for a couple minutes. Finally said yes and got myself composed then he said, “Okay we have to hurry back, everyone is at the bar waiting”. When I heard most of our family and friends were there I started ugly crying again LOL! Then it turned into an amazing day and long night of celebration 🙂

fall engagement session, fall NJ wedding


 Weddings of Distinction, Ashford Estates Engagement Session


Well for me it was our first trip together. We went on a cruise and had so many hilarious things happen. We actually started writing down all our funny one liners because it seemed as if every few minutes something hysterical would happen. I think the great thing about our relationship is everything we do together, even if it’s going to the Doctor’s, turns into an adventure 🙂

Well other than his dashing good looks of course 😉 His love of animals undoubtedly, he has such a fierce passion for all animals and their well being. He donates to numerous animal charities in our area <3


Fall engagement session, Engagement session at Ashford Estate


Fall engagement session, Weddings of Distinction


Ashford Estate Engagement Photos by Vanessa Joy Photography