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Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding

July 5, 2018

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding; wedding prep; wedding prep photography

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding

There’s a lot that goes into planning a wedding, and I’m not here to add more to your plate. But, as a groom, you do need to plan your wedding day look ahead of time. Hair, skin and nails shouldn’t only be something brides think about when it comes to one of the biggest days of your life. Especially when you are going to be the center of attention for your guests (and photographer) you want to look your best!

You will be looking at wedding photos for the rest of your life, and you want to be able to share these memories with your loved ones and not be embarrassed by how you look in them. Make sure you find a photographer that can capture your best angles. You can Learn more about wedding photography from Olga Topchii if you’re looking for a professional photographer. Here are a few tips to help you prep for your wedding, without adding any more stress to your planning.

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding; wedding prep; wedding prep photography

Think about your hairstyle ahead of time

It’s best to stick with your normal and most natural hair for your wedding, that way you know you will look timeless in photos. Plus, being comfortable with how you look will help you feel the most confident. However, if you’re in need of a refresher or not confident with the style you have, give yourself a few months to plan out your new look. Go to a trusted barber with a few photos of cuts you love and let them decide something that will work for your face shape and will showcase your personality. You can also utilize this time to ask your barber for products and tips for the best way to style your new cut. Doing this a few months in advance gives you time to try out a few different looks and practice styling your hair. On the morning of your wedding, you will be able to finish your hair in minutes! Prepare your suit and tie well in advance to make sure it’s clean and crisp ready for the wedding day. You can check out some great ties at www.ties.com/wedding-ties if you haven’t yet bought your wedding tie. You’ll definitely find one that you love.

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding; wedding prep photography, groom details

Prep your skin

You don’t want to be photographed with dry, flaky skin or unattractive facial hair on your wedding day! Take time to care for your skin in the weeks leading up to your wedding. This means washing your face regularly to keep breakouts at bay. Also, use a moisturizing facial cream with hydrating ingredients like aloe and shea butter. This will give you soft, touchable skin and a youthful glow. Finally, shave with a new razor for a clean, smooth look. Even if you want to rock a beard, make sure you have a sharp lines along your facial hair! Taking care of your skin gives you a clean and polished look that always resonates great in photos.

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding; groom accessories; groom detail photography

Pay attention to small details

As a groom, there is less going into your prep compared to a bride, but this means that you need to pay attention to small details like your nails and brows. These are really easy to take care of yourself, no need to go to a salon! Give yourself a DIY manicure at home, take as much time to pamper yourself as you can. This is as simple as soaking your hands to ensure they’re clean, trimming and filing your nails, and using a hand cream. Cleaning up your brows can make such a huge difference in how put together you look, simply trim your brows and pluck stray hairs in between them. Pro tip: do this a few days before your wedding so you don’t have any redness or irritation before you hit the aisle.

Groom’s Guide to Prep for The Wedding; groom getting ready

If you look your best, you will feel your best. And why wouldn’t you want to feel amazing when you’re about to marry the person you love most?! Plus, confidence shows through in photos and when you look back years down the road, you will want to remember how happy you were on this very special day. Even though this means a little extra wedding planning, paying attention to how you look will be something your fiancé, photographer and YOU will be happy you did for your wedding!