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Getting Your Pup to Look at the Camera


Getting Your Pup to Look at the Camera

If you have a pet that loves posing for the camera, you’re one of the lucky few. Most dogs may tend to be a little camera shy and will likely want to stare at everything but the camera!
The good news is that we’ve come up with a few tried and tested tricks to get their attention for that picture ‘pawfect’ shot!


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First things first – it’s always best to bring along a third party to help out with your photo shoot, whether that be a friend, family member, or professional pet sitter like Pawfect for You. Having a third party present serves multiple purposes. One, it allows the photographer to focus on getting the shot. Their attention is best served on the camera settings, lighting, and centering the shot; not trying to make sure Fido doesn’t run off after a squirrel. Second, someone is present to hold on to the dog while he or she isn’t in the picture frame. And most importantly, that third party can serve as the doggy grin master, using the tricks we’ve outlined below to help get your dog’s attention:



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Tasty Incentive: The first step is finding a favorite treat that will be likely to get your pal’s attention. While any treat will do, it’s a lot easier if it’s something soft (like turkey or chicken) rather than a dry treat, because then your furry friend will spend less time chewing (and trying to pick the crumbs off the ground) and more time posing. Make sure to have those treats on hand and ask your doggy grin master to hold those treats right around the photographer’s lens, so that they look directly at the camera. It’s definitely a good idea to reward your pup’s good behavior if they’ve been sitting patiently for so long, you can click here to find some great chew toys for your next photoshoot!


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Favorite Toy: While it’s true that most pets would see the treat as an incentive, there are some of course who are not motivated by treats. In this case, it may be possible to use a toy to get their attention in a similar way to the way that you would use the food incentive. If your pet has a favorite toy, like a blue ball or naked tennis ball (you know – that old tennis ball they ripped the fur off of) that can be used to get their attention. Please be sure to have it handy or have it packed with their items you bring to the photo shoot.



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Easy Distractions: Opps – we forgot the treats and toys. It happens to the best of us! Here’s another little secret we like to keep up our sleeve… noise! The sheer sound of a plastic bag or empty water bottle is often enough to get their attention. Sometimes whistling or clapping your hands can work. Even certain phrases like “Who wants to go in the car?” will work.

No matter what trick you use, the goal is to get your pet’s attention so that they are happy and posing for the camera. While your four-legged friend may be inclined to be camera shy or just doesn’t like to sit still, having a third party present will help get their attention which will allow your photographer get those amazing pictures!

We’re always happy to help serve as your third party – feel free to give us a call at (516) 972-6439 or email [email protected].

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