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Latest Bridesmaid Trends 2019

September 3, 2018

Latest Bridesmaid Trends – bride to be in 2019

Bridal fashions are like seasons. Trends change over time. The latest bridal trends are the barely there look. Brides are going more and more to sheer lace gowns with very meticulous and detailed vase work that covers the most sensitive areas. The gowns are fitted closely to the body. Only a bride who is very comfortable with her body will wear this dress. Other brides will wear traditional dresses of chiffon and lace. She will show more skin with a dress with a lower neckline. This creates a sensual atmosphere. These gowns are usually made in softer whites like Ivory, bone, or cream. The look of the bride is the main attraction and that is enhanced by the understated elegance of the bridesmaids. Whatever dress the bride goes with, the bridesmaid dresses should complement the overall look. If you and your friends are in the process of planning your wedding and are at the stage of choosing dresses, it may help to check out sites like https://leadingladiesla.com/collections/all and maybe get some inspiration from there. You never know, you may all come across a dress that you all love!

It is also important that the wedding cars match the dresses in terms of elegance and class. Fortunately, elegance and class is the forte of Ichauffeur Melbourne.

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The bridesmaids are dressed in neutrals. These beautiful neutral dress colors have a range of options. While light creams, off-whites, and beige are one end of the spectrum,

the other end is pale gray, taupe and champagne. You can find a beautiful selection by clicking here!

Fabric and cut

While the bride is pushing the limits of fashion with her stunning and provocative gown, the bridesmaids are far to the other side. Their gowns are made in A-line cuts or the

romantic mermaid cut. The dresses have sleeves or straps. The bare shoulders are not as hot this year for the bridesmaid. cup sleeves are a popular choice.

Chiffon is the main fabric. The dresses are light and airy and flow gently in the air.

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You need some color

The color family used for the bridal gowns is very quiet. To add the splash of bold color, look to the bouquet. The flower arrangements are over the top big and bold. They have a lot of greenery.

The buds are fully bloomed. Roses are completely open. purple, yellow, and bright pinks are the colors most brides are looking for, but that is not the end of the day for the florist. Flowers and greenery

that adorns the entry ways, and the bridal altar are also done in bold and colorful blooms. Finally, flowered halos for the bride and bridesmaids finish the look.

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As we enter the cooler months, we are seeing more brides and bridesmaids wearing shawls of lace or fabric. The brides are wearing capes. The cape for outdoor and sunset photographs

make a huge statement. Some are wearing white others are wearing black. The capes usually have a hood which is trimmed in fur or they are tied around the neck.

Body art

For this season, brides are covering up body art. While body art is very popular and the bride may have some herself, it is not appropriate with the atmosphere.

This look of sensual and chic wedding is undermined if a bridesmaid is wearing taupe chiffon and has a huge tongue tattooed on her shoulder.

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Fewer brides are asking bridesmaids to wear matching shoes. Instead, she is selecting a range of colors and letting the bridesmaid select her favorite shoes within that range.

The differences are subtle but they do make a statement. Again, in this wedding where every detail is just a tiny bit over our lines of tradition, this little difference adds to the theme.

Expect these trends to remain hot until spring rolls around. Spring will bring back pastels and fun dresses that wear well indoors or outdoors.

We hope you enjoyed these Latest Bridesmaid Trends for 2019!