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7 Creative and Attractive Backdrop Ideas for Wedding Photos

February 27, 2019

7 Creative and Attractive Backdrop Ideas for Wedding Photos

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Some of the most important photos that you will have taken during the course of your lifetime are those associated with your wedding. When it comes to your “official” wedding photos you want to make sure that they are shot using an appropriate, attractive background.

Many couples overlook the selection of an ideal photo backdrop. As a result, this important element of the overall wedding ends up being a last-minute decision and not necessarily well though out.

The background used for your wedding photos need to accentuate and yet not overtake the scene. There are seven creative, attractive backdrop suggestions that you need to bear in mind when it comes to your wedding photos.

Altar at Religious Space

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If your wedding is schedule to occur in a sacred space, consider the altar or similar backdrop for your photos. This is a traditional and time-honored backdrop idea for wedding photos. Merely because it is a traditional approach to wedding photos doesn’t mean that the idea is outdated. Indeed, an altar as a backdrop is likely to be particularly attractive because it is likely to be decorated with flowers and other additions associated with the wedding celebration itself.

In addition to providing an attractive background for your wedding photos, it is also an easily accessible backdrop. Some of the suggested backdrops require some planning and advanced effort. Such is not the case when you utilize an altar in a church, synagogue, mosque, or other scared space.

Floral Trellis

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Speaking of a backdrop that may necessitate some planning and work on part of the wedding planning team, you might want to consider a floral trellis. A floral trellis can provide a truly lovely, vibrant background for your wedding photos. Have a look into the different companies who provide Flowers for events like this.

You may be fortunate enough to have access to a trellis that is festooned with flowers and greenery. If not, you may need to see that the backdrop itself is crafted by your family or friends.

This actually can be done rather easily. You can have a trellis decorated with the same flowers you’ve already chosen for your wedding itself. You can even locate a suitable trellis for little money at a building supply store.

Exterior of Wedding Venue

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Many people are wed at lovely venues that come complete with attractive exteriors. Weather permitting, a simple and ideal wedding photo backdrop can be the exterior of the venue itself.

If you are like many people preparing for a wedding, you already have a tremendous amount on your list. Thus, using the exterior of your wedding venue as the backdrop for photos can be an efficient and lessen your stress when planning your big event.

Natural Backdrop

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Another easy to access and readily available backdrop for wedding photos is a natural setting. For example, if there is a garden space at the venue where your wedding will be held, that can prove to be an idyllic background.

Destination weddings typically provide excellent opportunities to utilizing a natural setting as a perfect backdrop for photos. Examples include destination weddings at a beach, in the mountains, or other locations known for their natural splendor.

Wrought Iron Gate

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Wrought iron gates convey a sense of elegance and style. They also demonstrate permanence and stability, things people like to consider part of the future of a couple celebrating their nuptials. As a result, using a wrought iron gate as the backdrop for wedding photos can prove to be a terrific choice.

The reality is that a good number of wedding venues, including churches and other religious sites, have wrought iron gates, fences, and doors. Thus, taking advantage of this type of backdrop proves to be an easy option for a couple on their wedding day.

Wedding Guests

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Another route you can take when it comes to a memorable backdrop for your wedding photographs is a living one. A lovely, vibrant backdrop can be crafted using the wedding guests.

Wedding guests in the background, and the wedding party in the foreground, creates am amazing tableau that will long be cherished by the happy couple and others associated with the big day.

Weighted Down Balloons

Balloons was relatively common features at wedding celebrations. Weighted down balloons can be used as the backdrop for wedding photos.

Balloons can be utilized that match or compliment the colors selected for the wedding itself. These balloons can be attached to ribbons, also in matching or complimentary colors. The ends of the ribbon strands are weighted to allow the balloons to stay in place, forming magical backdrop.

The possibilities truly are virtually endless when it comes to an ideal backdrop for wedding photos. In many ways, a couple is constrained only by their desires and sense of style. In the end, a happy couple will have commemorated their wedding day with a perfect backdrop that makes memories that will last a lifetime.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Abby Iron Doors. Abby Iron Doors specialize in designing and manufacturing wrought iron entry doors, wine cellar doors, windows and balconies for residential and commercial customers.