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Ashford Estate Wedding Photos: Ashley and Michael

May 13, 2019

Fennelli Design lighting at Ashford Estate

Ashford Estate Wedding Photos: Ashley and Michael

I’m so excited to share these amazing Ashford Estate wedding photos with you today! Ashley and Michael were such a joy to work with and I cannot wait to see where life takes them.

Ashley chose to have her winter wedding be a green velvet theme. The bridesmaids wore stunning long green velvet dresses and carried white floral bouquets with greenery – it was breath taking! Ashley wanted a winter wedding all of her life but not a “Christmas” wedding – I feel the route she went was beautiful and timeless – it was perfect for the look she was going for!

Read below to learn more about this amazing couple and to see photos from their big day!

Darling and Pearl wedding stationery laid out


brides jewel encrusted bella belle wedding shoes


Princess cut engagement ring posed with bride and grooms wedding bands


Kate spade wedding sneakers


brides jewelry in decorative pouch


engagement ring and wedding bands in wife ring holder


bride and bridesmaid making funny faces with sleep masks


black and white image of the bride getting her lip makeup done

Mike and I met at a dirt race track in Orange County, New York. It was October 2013, my Dad had gotten himself involved in this dirt race car stuff and me – the city girl – turned my nose up to it at first. He kept asking me to come along and watch just once, so finally I did. And that was the first time I met Mike.. When I saw his face I got butterflies in my stomach. We didn’t talk much.. he offered me his jacket as the night went on and it got a little bit colder outside. The night ended and we went our separate ways. The next night he sent me a message on Facebook and we got to talking from there. It was definitely not a fast moving relationship. But, started going to more races the following summer and we started to build a relationship from there. We both look back on that first day we met in October 2013 and can replay the whole thing from start to finish. It was an important day because it was the first day of the rest of our lives together.

bride shedding a tear over a sentimental wedding gift


bride helping her mother do her hair


emerald green velvet betsey and adam bridesmaids dresses


black and white photo of bridesmaids getting ready


Lazaro sweetheart cut wedding dress hanging


bridesmaids helping bride get into her dress


bridesmaids zipping up brides Lazaro wedding gown


bride putting her earrings on

overhead shot of the bride


brides floral arrangement with locket picture of loved one


beaded lazaro wedding dress


detail shot of brides silver beaded Lazaro wedding gown


bride putting earrings on


twisted willow florals wedding arrangement


bride with veil over her face


grooms wedding shoes

groomsmen helping groom get ready


groomsman playfully picking up the groom


groom putting a bow tie on


groom opening up wedding gift from his bride


groom and his groomsmen posing for a picture


groom waiting to see his bride


groom waiting for his bride for first look


groom seeing his bride for the first time


first look of bride and groom


groom seeing his bride for the first time


bride kissing the groom


bride and groom at ashford estate


bride and groom outside of ashford estates

bride with her bridesmaid in her emerald green leather jackets and shawls


emerald green bridesmaid dresses


bridal party outside of ashford estate


father of the bride seeing his daughter


bride shedding a tear while hugging her father

The most important thing to me when planning our entire wedding was the photographer and videographer. Of course, I wanted everything to be perfect and exactly how I was envisioning it all to be, but the photos and video are the everlasting memories of the ONE most important and special day in our lives so far. I knew who I wanted as the videographer for years. I had his name written down in my “wedding inspiration notebook” since someone I know got married in 2012. This was Rob Adams Films. Then it’s finally my turn.. went venue hunting first and found The Ashford Estate (obsessed – want to move in there permanently). So, during the first meeting there, I see Vanessa Joy Photography’s albums on the coffee table and was immediately drawn to the style of photography and the way she makes a bride look. I wanted to be one of her bride’s so badly. When I got home I searched her website and was just about to send in the form on her website to check availability and BOOM… find out she’s married to Rob Adams!! It was a match made in wedding heaven and I know I had the dream team for something that was the most important to me and Mike.

bridesmaid in her betsey and adam bridesmaid dress


twisted willow florals bridesmaid floral arrangement


bridesmaids surrounding the bride


bride standing outside of ashford estate


bride posing on her wedding day


groom kissing his bride


bride and groom kissing at ashford estate in new jersey


bride and groom walking into their ceremony


bride and groom sharing a kiss


bride kissing his groom on her forehead


bride and groom embracing outside of ashford estate


black and white photography of bride and groom


bride and groom holding hands


bride and groom kissing outside of ashford estate


bride and groom sharing a kiss under a blanket


bride and groom sharing a quiet moment


bride and groom kissing with their wedding party watching


bride and groom front and center with wedding party behind them


floral details at alter at ashford estate


votive candles at ashford estate wedding ceremony


wedding ceremony decor at ashford estate


ashford estate wedding ceremony


The inspiration behind our wedding theme was full winter and just something different from the norm. I don’t know why, but I always wanted a winter wedding. Ever since I started looking at pictures and Pinterest of course, the photos of a winter wedding spoke to me the most. I knew I wanted winter, but not Christmas. Between my inspiration and my amazing vendors all of my winter wedding dreams came true. The color combination of green, grey, white and black with a hint of rustic flare made for a warm, cozy and gorgeous atmosphere.

black and white photo of wedding procession


father giving his daughter away


bride and groom at their wedding ceremony


bride and groom reciting their vows

bride and groom at their wedding ceremony

bride and groom and officiant

bride and grooms first kiss

view of ashford estate wedding reception

table setting tablescape with candles and florals

twisted willow florals wedding table centerpieces

twisted willow florals wedding flowers

darling and pearl wedding stationery

wedding table place setting

wedding table setting table numbers

wedding menu stationery by Darling & Pearl

ashford estate wedding reception


My favorite memory from our wedding is our first dance together. The song we chose, From This Moment On by Shania Twain, just really gave both of us all the feelings. Every word felt true to our relationship and actually gets us both very emotional! After everything was all said and done we both said when we danced to that song in front of our entire wedding we felt that we were standing in that room all alone – just us two, listening to the words and holding each other and just the overwhelming feeling of love.

bride and groom dancing under ashford estate wedding


ashford estate wedding reception bride and groom dancing


bride and grooms first dance


bride and grooms first dance


bride and grooms wedding guest watching them share their first dance


groom looking at his bride


groom dancing with his mother


bride dancing with her father


bridesmaids having fun at wedding reception


maid of honor reading her speech


bridesmaid reading her speech


bride crying over a wedding gift


To my children one day – the feelings that I had on my wedding day from beginning to end were nervous, anxious, happy, completely overjoyed, and then love. As I look back on not just the day itself but the whole weekend celebration the overwhelming feeling is just love. Both of our families love and support throughout our relationship and the whole planning process was amazing. Our wedding celebration was the culmination of all of the love. Even the next morning, waking up with everyone still there was just a wonderful feeling. I cannot wait to show my children our photos and video so they can see what a wonderful family they have.

bride and groom listening to their speeches


bridesmaids giving a speech


bridal party listening to speeches


bride and groom toasting


the cake works 4 tiered wedding cake


bride and groom cutting cake


bride and groom standing in the rain with umbrella


Venue: Ashford Estate // Entertainment: SCE Event Group  // Makeup Artist: Beauty on Location, Amy  // Videographer: Rob Adams Films  // Hair: Beauty on Location, Christine // Florist: Twisted Willow Flowers  //
Stationery & Invitations: Darling + Pearl // Wedding Gown Designer: Lazaro  // Bridesmaids Dresses: Betsey & Adam  // Wedding Shoe Designer: Bella Bella  // Grooms Attire: Men’s Wearhouse  Calvin Klein //
Wedding Cake: The Bake Works  // Lighting: Fennelli Design  // Hair Piece: Brides & Hairpins // Transportation: Arrive In Style // Flatware: Kate Spade