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Introducing Faux Flowers

July 23, 2020

It’s Time To Start A New Faux-Mance

faux flowers for weddings

Fake flowers? No thanks! Nope. Not happening. But… wouldn’t it be great if flowers weren’t wilting and dying halfway through a photo session? Whether you’re doing an engagement session, a styled shoot, or need some portfolio shots, faux is the way to go. Real flowers don’t last for the entire shoot, and they can’t withstand the long day of being tossed around a set. Also, the flowers you want or need may not always available or in season. So what’s a photographer to do?

Say hello to Details of I do! 

faux flowers for weddings

Details of I do is a luxury faux floral company created by event designer Kristin Rockhill. With over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry from planning, to floral and event design and editorial styling, she considers herself officially obsessed with all things wedding!  Her love of vintage charm, rustic details, lush blooms, and romantic styling are what inspire her designs. 

“ In order to show a realistic seasonal portrayal and inspiring content, I started seeking out faux options. At first, I wondered around local craft stores, looking for a few seasonal blooms to accent my fresh floral designs. That worked great, but I was still having issues with the availability of real flowers and keeping them fresh and picture-perfect all day. By mid-shoot they were lagging and un-shootable.”

After a lot of research and experimenting, Kristin found some great suppliers and started testing out more full faux designs. The results,  gorgeous lifelike bouquets, and arrangements that looked like the real thing. The colors were realistic and the texture and details were incredible. After a few editorial shoots using faux designs, she was sold. The flowers looked amazing and photographed even better. No one at the shoot even knew they were faux.

Kristin started thinking about all of the stress of weddings and the fear of flowers not coming in, being too expensive, dying, being the wrong color, too big, too small, etc.  While Kristin loves flowers as much as the next girl, she thought, this is something that could really take away a lot of headaches for real brides as well on the set of photo-shoots. Imagine never having to worry about peonies not opening or flowers not shipping, blooms being the wrong shade of pink or delicate dahlias not surviving the shipping from the grower. Things like this made Rockhill really start to think about the upside of designing with faux blooms and Details of I do was born.  Silk flowers have come a long way, you’ll have a tough time guessing which blooms are the real deal and which ones are faux.  Details of I do offers tons of options for couples from bouquets to centerpieces for purchase and rental, as well as providing home decor and styling for businesses, interior designers, bridal shops, and photographers. 

Are you ready for a new faux-mance? Faux flowers won’t wilt or die, they’re never out of season and they’re always in style. Check out Details of I do for more info, tips, and inspiration