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Perks of a Winter Wedding

January 20, 2021

The Perks of a Winter Wedding

Perks of a Winter Wedding

Outdoor summer weddings are fun, but rarely practical and affordable. Autumn and spring weddings are gaining massive popularity, given the amenities that come with each season. Winter weddings are not a usual fad, which makes them unique to say the least. If you have considered getting married in the crisp and cold weather, the perks of it shall certainly help make up your mind. The truth is that winter weddings are fabulous, yet unexplored; use it to your advantage before all the other couples on the planet catch on. 

You don’t have to settle for Second Best

Winter is officially the offseason for weddings, which means all your favorite vendors have a wide array of dates to accommodate you. You don’t have to opt for second or third choice if the best is not available for your big day. During summers, all the best photographers, caterers, florists, venues, wedding bands/DJs, and wedding planners are booked for months in advance. Even if you do get to squeeze into their busy schedule, your ceremony won’t get the attention it deserves. The competition subsides during winters, thus you get to make your dream wedding happen. 

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Better Rates for Everything 

Everything from party decorations to air travel cost a lot less when its freezing outside. Most families have travel plans during the summer vacation when school is out for the kids. In the winters, people prefer to stay home, which results in discounted prices for everything you need for the wedding. If you are planning a tropical destination wedding, there isn’t a better time and place for that other than the winter season. Summers in the tropical regions are way too hot and humid for any outdoor event; not to mention, the hiked prices due to rush of tourists. 

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Less Stress, More Guests

As summer is the favored season for weddings and vacations, many people on your guest list might not have an opening on their calendar to attend your ceremony. You can expect to get a bunch of No’s on your RSVPs, which is a bummer if you are hoping for a big and bustling affair. Summer weddings can be tiresome, given all the tight schedules and elaborate arrangements that cause fatigue. On the contrary, winter wedding preparations are a breeze; you will be enjoying your honeymoon and off to estate planning in no time. 

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Nobody will look like a Hot Mess

The scorching and humid summer weather can be challenging for any formal event. An outdoor wedding usually translates to a bad hair day and profuse sweating for everyone. Fancy suits and gowns may feel like hell, unless you are surrounded by uninterrupted air conditioning at all times. Heavy and flowing sequined dresses, as well as luxurious embellished tuxedos are quite fitting for a winter ceremony. The lack of humidity will keep your hairstyle looking flawless all day, and your makeup won’t melt off if you step outside for a bit. Even your wedding cake will look pristine in the absence of a heat wave that could easily ruin a perfectly done frosting. 

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Perfect opportunity for a One-of-a-kind Ceremony 

Think ‘winter wonderland’, ‘white wedding’, ‘Christmas’, ‘New year’s Eve’, or ‘Royal Russia’ to make a splash with your ceremony. You can incorporate so many unusual themes and ideas in a winter wedding. You may merge the holiday festivities and even have a new year countdown before or after you say “I do”. Imagine telling your children that you got married in 2020, but the after party ended in 2021. The bride can dress up like an ice princess and leave with the groom on a sleigh pulled by sledge dogs or reindeer. The assortment of hot beverages and variety of winter comfort foods will add to the individuality. Your big day will be an event to remember for generations to come. 

Perks of a Winter Wedding, ashford estate winter wedding

A Phenomenal Photo-shoot

If the winters in your region offer snowfall, think of all the lovely moments you can capture in an outdoor photo-shoot. The bride and groom can wear capes, and use the romantic scenery to their advantage. Your wedding album will look like a real-life fairytale!