Latest Wedding Colors Trends for 2023


So you are recently engaged and/or looking for wedding inspiration? Congratulations that is a huge step! Visualizing your wedding is the first step in making it all come together.
Planning a wedding can be so much fun but let’s be honest it can be extremely daunting. Wedding planning has countless details to consider. For instance, how many guests should be invited, what season should I get married in, which venue should I pick, how many bridesmaids should I have. All of these factors blend in to one super aesthetically important aspect of your wedding: What should my wedding colors be?!


It is easy to get overwhelmed. However, picking the colors you want for your wedding is a great way to start narrowing down your wedding planning to do list.  Based on what we have seen and photographed last year, we put this list together with the latest and top trending wedding colors for 2023 to help make your decision just a tad easier.
Get inspired with the latest and rising wedding color trends for this year.  See real wedding images from real brides, bridesmaids and couples all shot by Vanessa Joy Photography.



 Black and White:

The classic black and white wedding trend is favored all year round but especially popular in the late fall and winter months.


black and white wedding details and invite

wedding tux

bridesmaids in black robes


bride with mother of bride

bride with bridesmaids album spread


white roses bridesmaids bouquet

silhouette groom getting ready

groom shoes and details

best man with groom getting ready

groomsmen in front of church

bridal party

fall wedding large bridal party






An iconic and vibrant color. Dare to be bold and your wedding will be forever remembered as such. Also, the red combination with black and white is a wedding photographer’s dream!

bridesmaids wearing red


bride and groom with red bridal party

bridal party red dresses



Blue and Magenta:

Make a statement

best man helping tie bowtie

magenta mauve dress holding bouquet

mauve bridal party

navy tuxedo navy suits groomsmen

bride and groom with alpaca and llamas on wedding day.


Pastels tend to be popular in the spring and summer as flowers bloom and weather starts to get warmer . This year particularly popular wedding color trends in pastels are baby soft/blush pink and minty sage greens.

bella belle pastel theme

bridal party robes slippers

engraved engagement and wedding band set. the love of my life ring

bride and groom in window spring flowers

gold wedding band set with emerald

large bridal party pastels green and pink



Summer Mauve & Beige


mauve beige tan bridal party

summer wedding light tan beige summer suits for groomsmen

aesthetic mauve dress and bouquet





 Autumn Orange:

Burnt/Rust orange is notorious for the fall/autumn season and it’s not going away any time soon. Use it as a primary color or in combination with other colors. In the below wedding, the bride and groom chose burnt/rusty orange as the base color and combined with different shades of blue. The results: a classic and tasteful autumn wedding.

orange fall bouquet ideas

fall auburn orange



Emerald Green


emerald green bridesmaid

bridesmaids wearing green

green bridal party

velvet green and gold maid of honor dress

bridesmaid green dress with gloves

large bridal party green

emerald green traditional bridal party photo at church



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