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Emily and Reece :: Engaged :: Spring Lake Engagement Photos

October 5, 2017

spring lake engagement photos

spring lake engagement photos

Emily and Reece :: Spring Lake Engagement Photos

These two ‘college’ sweethearts met when fate brought them together for a group project. Little did they know, they grew up in the same town (just went to different schools) and the rest is history! Emily and Reece were an a joy to work with.  I love being able to capture Spring Lake engagement photos for my clients because they can get the best of both worlds –the park and the beach! We started our session off at Devine park and ended it on the beach with an amazing sunset. In between we were able to capture some adorable images on a tandem bike these two love birds rented thanks to Katydid Designs . I truly cannot wait for their wedding next year at the Park Chateau! Read more below to learn about Emily and Reece’s love story! 

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We met at Monmouth University. We had a class together and ended up in the same group for a project by sheer luck! Once we started talking, we hit it off instantly. We realized we had grown up in the same town but had gone to different schools, and we quickly saw that us ending up in the same group project was more destiny than luck!

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We’re both really looking forward to growing our family together. We’re animals lovers and currently have a dog and three cats, which is good training for when we want to have kids!

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We were on a family vacation in Disney World and went to Magic Kingdom. After a long day in the park, we decided to stop for some pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle. As we approached the castle, everyone happened to clear out and we actually got some privacy in the normally busy area. The castle made for the perfect backdrop for him to pop the question!

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Reece: One of my favorite memories of Emily was when we first brought home our dog, Sammie. I was a little apprehensive about the amount of work that would go into caring for a dog but I was willing to do anything to make Emily happy. When we finally brought Sammie home, she fell asleep on Emily’s chest within hours. I’ll never forget that image and how happy it made everyone that our family was coming together.
Emily: My favorite memory with Reece was our recent trip to Disney where we got engaged. The engagement itself was overwhelmingly beautiful and emotional, and everything that followed was equally amazing. The most special part for me was seeing how genuinely happy and excited Reece was after I said yes. I’ve never seen him smile so much or so big. Knowing how excited we both were about our engagement meant a lot to me.

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Reece: Emily was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen. I had a huge crush on her from the moment she walked into class. When I finally got the chance to talk to her, it was clear that her intelligence, sense of humor and personality all matched her beauty.
Emily: When I met Reece we clicked instantly. He was smart, funny, and of course handsome, but the one thing that really drew me in was the incredible connection we had. Right from the start I knew it was a once in a lifetime bond.

spring lake engagement photos, sunsets on the jersey shore


Spring Lake Engagement Photos by Luxury NJ Wedding Photographer, Vanessa Joy