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Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

September 12, 2018

Wedding Photography Tips for Couples

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Like other intrinsic details of your wedding ceremony, pictures are going to create an everlasting impact on your mind and heart.
Undoubtedly, you and your partner will be reminiscing about them for years! Hence, it is always recommended that you should make those pictures like a dream.


To accomplish this objective, first of all, what you need is a professional photographer. Moreover, it is not just enough! Apart from this, you need to keep a bunch of other tips in your mind to end up with some really spectacular wedding pictures.

However, it’s not always necessary for couples to hire out a photographer. If one of you has a basic knowledge of photography, or one of your guests does, it’s definitely worth considering whether a professional photographer is needed. Moreover, with the evolution in the technology and camera industry with products, like drones, that are making it easier to take professional pictures, couples are not always investing in professional photographers. Drones can catch really powerful pictures from above, especially if your wedding is based in the scenic outdoors. Despite this, couples who choose to use a drone to take their pictures should always be prepared for damage; before the wedding, it’s recommended that you contact someone like DJI Repair to ensure your drone is in full working order. Whatever you choose is all about what your wedding involves; if you’re inside, a professional photographer is best. Perhaps you’d like to use both! You need to make an educated decision on what’s going to produce pictures that you’ll love forever.

What should you remember?

Keep reading!

Scrutinize the Photograph:

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Before you finally hire a photographer, don’t forget to critique through the photographer’s portfolio. The foremost thing that you need to consider while doing so is quite obvious. You should check out whether they are able to capture the precious moments like the way you want them to be captured at your wedding.

A few of the important questions to ask yourself are:

Do the people in the photographs look relaxed?

Do you want the shots to be like how they are in the album?

Is the focusing good? etc.

You must pay a keen attention to the composition, quality, and style of the images. Just make sure that the photographer is meeting your expectations at all levels.

Go for Engagement Photos:

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It is a yet another important photography tip for couples. To organize an engagement photo shoot can let you get a clear preview of what to look for while working with your photographer and the pictures which they will deliver. So, you must schedule an engagement shoot with your photographer to ensure that you become comfortable with him/her. Also, it can be pretty beneficial to give your valuable feedback to the photographer regarding your likes and dislikes before the wedding day arrives.


Walk Down with Heads Up:

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Generally, both the bride and groom keep their heads down while walking down the aisle or taking the vows. It is a really big mistake actually! Even if you are too occupied to smile, at least make sure to look up for some time.

At least, look at the photographer so that he/she can capture the exact expression on your face. You don’t want only the top of your head in the pictures. Right?


Look for Perfect Lighting:

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It is a proven fact that the right lighting is very important for amazing pictures. However, most of the couples don’t even know about that. To come up with some outstanding wedding pictures, you should consider a change in lighting throughout the day.

It is required to pay attention to the time when the sun is going to set. It will give enough time for the photographer to capture those perfect outdoor snaps before it gets dark. Also, you want to consider the lighting which is present in the venue. Talk to your photographer beforehand and adjust the lighting accordingly.

Of course, there are softwares to edit the light of images, still the effect won’t be good enough if you don’t have enough surrounding light.


Be Cautious with Your Body Language:

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Gone are the days when wedding pictures used to be full of poses. Howbeit, the scenario is different now. The pictures are expected to look natural. You should consider and practice some tips to appear relaxed in all the shots. Some of the basic things that you can do to look loosened up are:

You can adjust your posture while slightly arching your back. It will look elegant.

Rotate your hips in a 45 degree angle while turning away from the camera.

Make sure that you are keeping your weight primarily on the back foot.

Remember to give a genuine smile. It will always make you look beautiful.

Isn’t it really easy to get some fabulous wedding pictures? Just follow these tips and you will definitely end up having a perfect wedding album to gaze for years to come.



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